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How Music Helps with Mental Health – Mind Boosting Benefits of Music Therapy

By Will

“If you were to look at those brains, you couldn’t tell the difference between people who were interacting through music and people who were interacting verbally” – Edward Roth Music has been with us for thousands of years as a form of entertainment, communication, celebration, and mourning. There are so many different emotions that music […]

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Mixes Instantly

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Mixing music is a complex and time consuming job. It’s like solving a puzzle.Every song/instrument is different, as a mix engineer you need to keep it simple, do not overdo mixing, as it will spoil the cook (yes, I see mixing as cooking!).You need to let off all the perception filters in your brain, before […]

Buying VR Headset as a Gift: Quick Guide to Headsets

By Dan Anderson

With the overwhelmingly positive reception that Virtual Reality has received throughout past year or two, it is no surprise that many are already thinking of VR headsets as a gift possibility.A compelling favourite among holiday buyers, it is certain that it will make a happier person of anyone who receives it. Nevertheless, it is not […]

Good Vibrations: Best Acoustic Guitar Pickup Review

By Dan Anderson

There was a time when all you needed to perform a gig was a microphone and a good old acoustic guitar. Now, there is a whole load of other noise that you need to be heard over – from the sound of the appliances behind the bar, to the noises that come from handheld consoles […]

Get Recording with Our Top Dictaphone Picks of 2018

By Dan Anderson

Sometimes, we need to make a recorded note of our mental thoughts, or we are stuck in a business meeting or lecture and cannot keep up with the speaker as we write our notes. Whatever your situation, you would be surprised how often a Dictaphone can come in handy. With one of these, you won’t […]

No GoPro Zone – Best Action Camera Under £100

By Dan Anderson

It’s wonderful to look through pictures and celebrate your past adventures. With a good action camera, you can capture every important moment and every step of the journey you are on.Pictures are such an important aspect of many of our lives, and not everyone can afford (or wants) a GoPro. It will please you to […]

Need a Stud Finder? Read Our Top 5 Stud Finder Picks

By Dan Anderson

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, a stud finder can be massively useful when you are taking on large projects. They aren’t that complex to use, and with a little practice, you are sure to have the hang of them in no time. In fact, this guide takes you through what they […]

We Shine a Light on the Best Projector Under £100

By Dan Anderson

Projectors aren’t just a blast from the past. Many of us probably remember them from school, where teachers would place important information on them for the whole class to see, or even your homework in some cases.However, they are so much more than they seem, and are actually coming back into fashion after being seen […]

The Best Wireless Doorbell: Never Miss a Delivery Again

By Dan Anderson

The wireless doorbell is a genius invention, especially as it can be placed absolutely anywhere without an issue. Affordable and easy to install, they make a stress-free alternative to the classic wired doorbell.So, if you find yourself missing deliveries because you can never hear them knocking on your door, the wireless doorbell might just be […]

Go Pro with the Best Action Camera on a Budget

By Dan Anderson

Adventuring, travelling, exploring, each activity is fun in its own way. However, what’s the point of an experience if you can’t revisit it whenever you want? Some spaces are too tricky for you to free up your hands to take a photo, or you need your full concentration instead of focusing on creating video footage. […]

Charge Your Batteries on the Go – Best Power Bank

By Dan Anderson

When your phone or mobile device runs out of charge, it really can seem like the end of the world, especially if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power outlets. They are our lifeline, a way to call for help, but also the best form of navigation when we find ourselves […]

Follow Your Wrist for Directions – Best Hiking GPS/GPS Watch

By Will

Hiking is one of those experiences that everyone should try to have. It allows you to get back to your roots and really reconnect with nature so that you can find a sense of peace and relaxation. Whether alone or in a group, it is an unmissable experience.However, even the best and most experienced hikers […]