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The Best Earphones Under £30: 2018 UK Review Guide

By Will

As someone, who loves listening to music regularly, you need to understand that your equipment is vital.If you’re missing a song from your playlist, you’ll feel naked. Having a pair of insufficient headphones can be even worse.Unfortunately, many consumers share the misconception that the market’s best headphones are incredibly expensive. This isn’t always the case.A […]

Sony MDR EX50LP Review – Good Value For Money?

By Dan Anderson

There is truly no doubt that Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. The company is responsible for gems such as the PlayStation and array of audio headphones. Their products tend to be top quality and well worth their money. The Sony MDR EX50LP undoubtedly fit conveniently in this same category.Within this comprehensive […]

A Comprehensive SoundMagic E10 Review

By Dan Anderson

When scouring the market’s array of headphones and earphones, the mass majority of consumers will immediately form the opinion that more expensive is better. Sometimes, this is certainly true, but consumers may be surprised by the performance of a more affordable pair of headphones.Those looking for the best price possible, but still sincerely care about […]

Discover The Best Earphones Under £20 – UK Review Guide

By Will

As a music fan, you’ve got to admit your equipment can play a major role in the enjoyment you experience from your favorite songs. Unfortunately, not all music fans are capable of spending excessively on an expensive pair of Bluetooth headphones.The good news is that you no longer need to do so. In fact, some […]

Top 10 Best Clip On Headphones & Earphones On The Market

By Will

When attempting to invest in a new pair of earphones, you will have an abundance of options at your disposal. Although being able to pick and choose is definitely beneficial, it can also make the selection process much more complicated.For some audiophiles, the clip-on headphones will be a viable choice for a handful of reasons. […]

Best Retractable Earphones on the Market – Top 6 Reviewed

By Will

Over the years, headphones have changed dramatically. These products have become much less costly, more reliable and more convenient than ever before.This is especially true, when it comes to the retractable models. What precisely are retractable headphones and why are they more beneficial than the alternatives? Within this guide, you will be able to find […]