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Dan Anderson

Everything to Know About Digital Radio- DAB Faq Guide

By Dan Anderson

Everything to Know About Digital Radio – DAB Faq Guide DAB radios are fantastic because they have so much more to offer than a standard FM or AM radio. The channels are more diverse, the sound quality improved, and there are loads more stations than you would normally get. There are many parts of the world that […]

Home Studio Setup: Epic Guide to Building a Recording Studio

By Dan Anderson

Quick Summary Have you ever wanted to be able to create your own music? This is undoubtedly a dream, which many individuals have. Of course, it is one that many people will never be able to obtain.The good news is that technology has become more readily available and much more affordable in the past few […]

Best Vocal Microphone for Recording: 2019 Home Studio Guide

By Dan Anderson

Quick Summary  Throughout the years, many musicians have been able to ignite their careers directly from their own homes. These individuals have been able to obtain their success, by recording their songs directly in their living rooms, basements or bedrooms.These people have been able to achieve their goals, because of their own home recording studios. Without […]

We Shine a Light on the Best Projector Under £100

By Dan Anderson

Projectors aren’t just a blast from the past. Many of us probably remember them from school, where teachers would place important information on them for the whole class to see, or even your homework in some cases.However, they are so much more than they seem, and are actually coming back into fashion after being seen […]

What Is The Best Midi Keyboard Controller: Top 10 Reviewed

By Dan Anderson

Quick Summary As a musician in today’s world, it is imperative to embrace technology and allow it to give you an edge over the competition. Technology is capable of enhancing your music, while allowing you to record it much easier.Of course, there are numerous technological improvements, which can give you an edge. One of these […]

Discover The Best DAW: Music Production Software – Epic Guide

By Dan Anderson

As a musician in the 21st century, you should understand how important it is to embrace technology and allow it to enhance your music. There are many musicians, who refuse to utilize technology, but this is a major mistake.The chart toppers undoubtedly use music making software to alter their songs, until they’re absolutely perfect and […]

Best Studio Monitors: Top 10 Studio Speakers for 2019 UK Review

By Dan Anderson

Quick Summary As an aspiring musician, you need to grasp the importance of your studio equipment. Without the right equipment, your beautiful voice may not translate so beautifully.In order to ensure that everything is translated into your recording software with immaculate clarity, it is imperative to equip yourself with some of the best studio monitors.In […]

Sony Extra Bass XB650BT Review – Wireless Over Ear Headphones

By Dan Anderson

Sony Extra Bass XB650BT Review Our Score: Pros:ComfortableLong battery lifeShort charge periodWirelessNoise cancellingCan be used for callsControls on headsetCan fold up Cons: Feel fragileNo case Not suitable for small heads Latest Offers Key Features:30-hour battery life4-hour charge timeBluetoothTrack controls and call pickup on headset AdjustableEasy to useNoise cancellingManufacturer: SonyReview Price: £79 question FAQ’sQ: Would these […]

Best Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers – Top 10 Guide 2019

By Dan Anderson

For some people, taking a shower is the most amazing part of the entire day! It is definitely relaxing, when you step into sweet serenity and allow the water to soak your entire body. Of course, some people look at the shower in a different light! They enjoy getting in there, scrubbing down and singing to […]

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