Is Modern Sound Technology Driving Your Pets Insane?

Is Modern Sound Technology Driving Your Pets Insane?

Modern sound technology is becoming more exciting and innovative for people, but it isn’t necessarily a good thing when it comes to your pets.

As a matter of fact, it has been suggested by many that the current sound technology is actually driving your pets to the point of insanity. How to resolve this? Well, we can provide a helping hand.

Let’s remember that, because pets are not people, they cannot tell us when the loud sounds are becoming a major distraction and, more importantly, they don’t have the capability to turn a volume down or to prevent loud sounds altogether.

This applies in many areas of life (such as fireworks on Bonfire Night), but it is particularly noticeable at home, where we – their owners – do have the ability to recognise when the sound technology is becoming an issue and when the volume should be lowered given the way your pets are reacting.

Examples of these concern home theatre, with televisions that can reach volume levels close to what you would find in your local cinema, as well as multi-room sounds – meaning that you can’t escape the loud music or voices even if you go upstairs – and also high-level speakers, which magnify the volume even more.

The sounds can become so loud that it is hard to hear anything else, but you will be able to tell if your pets are being affected by them running around frantically.

Recognising these signs is a good thing, but it is more helpful to have a way of reacting; to make sure that your up-to-date sound devices can be quickly reduced. This is where KNX home automation software comes in.

Not only can you lower the respective volumes quickly and easily from one digital platform, as opposed to manually going up to each device and physically reducing them, but you can apply a setting that ensures the sound levels will only approach certain levels at specific times of the day when your pets are around, or even for all times of the day if you so wish.

And because you can have access via your smartphone, you can also reduce the volume levels for when you happen to be out of the house but your pets are still there, thus ensuring that they are able to relax and won’t be affected by volume levels at a time when you and your relatives might not necessarily be there to help.

These are key to the positive impact that home automation can have in order to prevent modern sound technology negatively affecting your pets, and you can find out more by checking out some more information about knx home cinema sound technology here.

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