What is a Bluetooth Page Turner (Do I Need One?)

Do you need a Bluetooth page turner in your life? What exactly is it used for? If you’re a musician, you know how irritating it can be to keep turning pages of sheet music. When you need to concentrate on your performance, it’s the last thing you need.

This is the main reason why many musicians have started keeping their sheet music on a digital platform. However, the problem remains – you need to move from one page to another while performing.

This is when a Bluetooth page turner is needed. With it, you can step on a pedal, and the device moves you to the next page.

bluetooth page turner

Bluetooth Page Turners Provide You with Several Benefits

You cannot get distracted by page turning during a performance or recording. It’s hands-free and works by pressing a pedal, moving you from one page to another.

Another benefit that you get with a page turner is that such devices can be paired up with various smart devices, including metronomes and backing tracks.

When choosing a Bluetooth page turner, ensure you find out everything about the device. Read all the available information. You should check whether:

●  Your preferred page turner is really hands-free. There are companies that make devices that need to be activated manually. For non-musicians, this might be not critical, but for a professional musician, it makes a difference. The purpose of the device is lost if it needs to be handled.

●  Another vital feature is durability. You will press on it with your foot. During a performance, you cannot get distracted by thinking whether you are pressing too much. Therefore, page turners made from plastic might not be the best option for you as they are often less durable.

●  Some page turners are wireless, which means you can hook them up to be charged during a performance or between them. It allows for greater flexibility and the assurance that your page turner will always have charge for performances.

What are the best Bluetooth page turners in the market? Let’s have a look at a few and see what makes them such a great choice.

STOMP Bluetooth Page Turner by Coda Music Technologies

This is a page turner for those who don’t want to compromise anything during performance. It was made by musicians for musicians. Therefore, it is the perfect choice. The key features are as follows:

●  It is absolutely hands-free.

●  It pairs up with other smart devices such as a metronome.

●  The pedals are highly responsive.

●  The device is made from metal, making it very resistant.

●  It works with any software.


PageFlip Page Turner

This page turner has a pleasant design and functionality. It is completely hands-free and responds to a vast range of peddle pressures. While it is made from plastic, it is still very durable. The main features are the following:

●  It is hands-free.

●  Pedals are easy and comfortable-to-use.

●  It is highly responsive.

●  It is made from durable plastic.

We would recommend this page turner for amateur musicians.

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Final Thoughts

A page turner might not be an urgent need but if you perform, it will allow you to concentrate on the performance instead of those loose pages. While there are many page turner models in the market, make sure your device is hands-free and durable.

The best page turner is the STOMP Bluetooth page turner. It is made for all types of musicians, including those who perform professionally. So, if you want something that is worth purchasing, we recommend this device.

What do you think about a Bluetooth page turner? Is it really needed, does the way musicians read music really need to change? The decision is yours. But if you need a device:

●  That can help you to concentrate more when performing.

●  Where you can upload lyrics and music to perform better.

●  That can be paired with plenty of apps used by musicians,

Then you definitely need a Bluetooth page turner. With it, you can use technological advancements to improve your skills.





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