Top 10 Best Clip On Headphones & Earphones On The Market

Best Clip On Headphones on the Market

When attempting to invest in a new pair of earphones, you will have an abundance of options at your disposal. Although being able to pick and choose is definitely beneficial, it can also make the selection process much more complicated.

For some audiophiles, the clip-on headphones will be a viable choice for a handful of reasons. Within this comprehensive guide, you will be able to familiarize yourself with these clip on headphones, their benefits and how to purchase a pair for yourself.

What Are Clip On Headphones?

Before going any further, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the basics of clip on headphones. What are they precisely? The good news is that there isn’t a mystery behind these products.

The name clip-on simply means that the headphones clip-on to the ears. They’ll have a leg or handle, which fits around the wearer’s ear and keeps them in place. In all likelihood, you’ve seen a pair of these headphones at least once and probably even owned a pair, at some point or another.

What Are Their Advantages?

When it comes down to it, clip-on headphones can be advantageous for a handful of reasons. First and foremost, these earphones tend to remain in place, at all times.

This makes them immensely beneficial for those that want to be able to listen to their favorite tunes, while working out and exercising. They’re also great for rocking out to rock and roll music, if you’re the type of individual, who absolutely loves head banging.

Another massive advantage associated with these headphones is the fact that they’re generally very inexpensive. When compared to the alternatives, you should expect to pay substantially less, when purchasing a pair of clip-on earphones.

Finally, these headphones tend to be very compact and lightweight. This not only makes them immensely comfortable, but also you won’t have a bit of trouble transporting them from one location to the next. For on the go individuals, it is truly hard to beat clip-on earphones.

What To Look For In Clip On Headphones

When attempting to invest in a good pair of clip on headphones, you will need to put in a bit of work and do your research. There are numerous factors to take into account and the most integral will be examined in greater depth below.


The good news is that clip earphones tend to be immensely affordable. This makes them ideal for those on a budget. However, some models are a little more costly than others.

Just remember to formulate a budget, before rushing ahead. This will help you avoid overspending and getting yourself into a bad predicament, but the risks involved here are limited.

Cable Length

The length of the cable is truly vital. If you opt for a pair of headphones, which have a very tiny cord, you’re going to become frustrated very quickly.

A longer cord is always better! It’ll provide you with added convenient and additional freedom. Always put a lot of emphasis on the cable length, as it could very well make or break the purchase.


Comfort is vital, when it comes to clip-on earphones. In fact, cushioning is probably one of the most essential factors of all. This is the case, because the clip-on style can put a little more pressure on the ears.

If the earphones are not padded sufficiently, they’ll become uncomfortable and painful very quickly. Not only should the ear cuff have plenty of cushioning, but the ear clip should also be very soft. If comfort is key, read our guide to the Most Comfortable Headphones here.

Durabiliy and Sound Quality

When investing in a pair of cheap earphones, you will want to pay close attention to the headphones durability and sound quality. Due to the affordability, you will need to put a great amount of emphasis on these factors.

Be sure that the headphones will be able to deliver an excellent audio quality, by inspecting the frequency response range, as well as the sensitivity and power handling. Finally, make sure that the headphones are built to last. If a warranty is included, you should put more credence into the headphones.

Best Clip On Headphones


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Panasonic RP-HS46E-K

Under £10


Panasonic Logo
Audio Technica ATH-EW9

Under £180


Audio Technica Logo
Koss KSC75

Under £20


Koss Logo
Sony MDR-Q68LW

Under £30


Sony Logo
Plantronics MHS123

Under £20


Panasonic RP-HS47E-W

Under £15


Panasonic Logo
Philips SHS4700/10

Under £20


Philips Logo
Thomson EAR 5030

Under £15


Thomson Logo
Pioneer SE-E721-K

Under £40


Pioneer Logo

Under £15


JVC Logo

Budget Model

Panasonic RP-HS46E-K

It does not matter, if you are a music lover or avid gamer you are going to need a great earphone.

With the wide variety of options that you have to choose from, deciding on a set of earphones can be a difficult decision. If you are in the market for a good quality earphone, you need to check out the Panasonic RP-HS46E-K.

To start off, these earphones are extremely affordable. However, you should not let the price fool you, because these earphones can stand up with the most expensive models on the market.

The ultra slim design of these earphones makes them extremely comfortable even during prolonged uses. Due to the fact that these earphones are clip on, you do not have to worry about a bulky headband or the earbud slipping out of the ear.

The powerful 30 mm driver unit provides sound like you have never experienced before. The Panasonic RP-HS46E-K is coated with a high-gloss finish to create a scratch-free surface that is more durable.

Not only does the high-gloss coating contribute to the protection level, but it also gives them a nice sleek look. This very affordable product is capable of producing frequency levels of 20Hz-20 kHz.


  • Very affordable and lightweight (16 grams)
  • Ultra slim design provides extreme comfort
  • Clips prevent discomfort and loss
  • 30mm driver provides powerful sound
  • Equipped with a 3.5mm jack plug
  • Wired design
  • 44'' Cable


  • Ear clip can cause mild ear pain after several hours of wear 

Overall, the Panasonic RP-HS46E-K is so affordable that you can afford to purchase an additional set for your running mate. The sound quality is excellent, even when you are jogging or working out in the gym.


Q: Are these any good for using with a motorbike helmet?

A: They are placed outside the ear, so if there are enough place for them, you will like them very much

Amazon Customer Reviews

"They are excellent value for money and I recommend them unreservedly" - By Chrismirob
"Pretty good, especially for someone who cannot get the in-ear headphones to stay in place." - By Alexandra

Top Rated

Audio Technica ATH-EW9

As a music lover, you probably already know the importance of a good headphone. With all the different styles and models of headphones on the market, choosing a model can be difficult. That was until you took a look at Audio-Technica ATH-EW9

This headphone is truly great and has a lot to offer all users. To start off, these earphones have a clip-on design, which fits over the back of the ear, so there will not be a heavy headband weighing down your head.

If you want to remove the left or right ear cup, you have the option of doing so. The 28 mm magnets project a sound quite, unlike any brand available on the market.

The ear cups are installed with soft rubber loops that securely attach to the ears. The rubber loops provide extreme comfort even during prolonged uses. On top of all of this, the ear cups are very lightweight, which only contributes to the maximum comfort level.

Not only do these earphones produce a sound like none other, but they look amazing as well, thanks to the Hokkaido cherry wood plating. These earphones are capable of producing frequency response levels of 14 to 24,000 Hz.


  • No heavy headband to weigh down the neck and head
  • 28 mm magnets provide powerful sound
  • Rubber loops on the ear cups provide extreme comfort
  • Hokkaido cherry wood plating
  • Frequency response levels of 14 to 24,000 hertz
  • Beautiful, unique design


  • Have not found one yet

As you can see, the Import ATH-EW9 is a bit more expensive, but at the end of the day, they are truly great and have a lot to offer. You simply cannot go wrong with these earphones, because they will alter your favorite tunes for the better.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"A Classic that will Last for Years" - By mlednor
"This clip-on headphones offer stylish cherrywood earpieces, a lightweight design, and a soft travel pouch." - By Ioan U.

Ideal for Prolonged Use

Koss KSC75

Some people enjoy listen to music every now and then. However, some people enjoy listening to music for hours and hours on in.

If you would classify yourself as a music enthusiast, you are going to need a high-quality headphone that can provide extreme comfort and powerful sound. That is exactly what the Koss KSC75 can provide you and so much more.

The around-the-ear design of these headphones completely eliminates the need for a headband.

Basically, this means that there will not be a heavy headband weighing down you the top of your head. On top of this, the ear loops are constructed of molded rubber, which only adds to comfort during prolonged uses.

One of the most unique features of this model is that the ear cups aim the sound right into the ear canals, which enhances the sound quality drastically.

With the earphones you are going to receive a sound like no other brand on the market. This is not to even mention that the voice coils are made of oxygen-free copper, which produces a crisp and clear sound.

Most headphones that can produce this kind of performance are extremely expensive, but not these headphones.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • No headband eliminates weight and head pain
  • Loops are made of molded rubber to provide comfort
  • Sound is projected right into the ear canals
  • Oxygen-free copper voice coils provide crisp and clear sound
  • 15-25000 hertz frequency range
  • 4 feet cable


  • Ear clip could use an upgrade

If you are a music lover, you will immediately become aware of the fact that the Koss KSC75 will over exceed your expectations. These headphones will make a great addition to your musical gear.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"For this price, this sort of quality shouldn't be allowed! A purchase you won't regret." - By Mr. M. Russell
"These Koss headphones are amazing. They clip on really comfortably and securely behind each ear with a silicone-covered metal clip like glasses have, which is adjustable and comfortable." - By Richard

Best under £30

Sony MDR-Q68LW

If you are in the market for a studio-grade headphone, you have a difficult decision ahead of you. There are lots of headphones available on the market. Every model comes with different features and prices to match. 

You have probably found yourself stressed out from all the choices. With this being said, you need to take a look at the Sony MDR-Q68LW.

If you do not like the headband style headphone, but find that in-ear ear buds hurt your ears, this model are will work perfectly for you. On top of this, the extra padding on the ear cups provides extended comfort, which cannot be said about the original earbud.

The loop that fits around your ear is adjustable, so that you can easily customize your fit. This headphone comes with a retractable cord, so you never have to worry about getting them tangled up in your hair or attire.


  • Retractable cord prevents tangles
  • Extra padding on the ear cups
  • Clip on style design eliminates weight of the headband
  • 30mm Drivers for a powerful sound
  • 3.5mm jack plug
  • Very lightweight design (43 grams)


  • 1 Meter cable is way too short for most active individuals

Overall, the Sony Clip-On headphone is designed to provide superior sound quality, durability, comfort, and longevity. These are one of the highest quality models on the market for such an affordable price.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Love this product. The retractable cables are awesome." - By Kingbin1609
"Great sounding portable headphones!" - By J. R.

Ideal for Everyday Use

Plantronics MHS123

The Plantronics MHS123 headphone is definitely classified as high quality. The uniquely designed ear bud will fit on top of the ear, which is unlike the original in-ear design.

The clips will keep the earbuds in place, so you can be as active as possible, without them becoming dislodged. 

You should note that this model is not designed to omit external noises, but this is more suitable for those that plan on wearing them when jogging in congested areas.

The in-line answer/end feature and microphone will offer much convenience, since you never have to stop amid your workout, just to make adjustments. The lightweight design is more suitable for active individuals and will provide comfort for extended wear.

Another important feature to remember, when you are considering investing in this model, it comes with a 2.5mm jack. In order for the MHS123 to be compatible with your iPhone, you will need to purchase an additional 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter.


  • Very unique on-ear design
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Each earbud is equipped with a security clip
  • In-line microphone and incoming/outgoing call button


  • The ear clip can cause some discomfort after several hours of continuous wear

Overall, the Plantronics MHS123 has a very unique design that offers more comfort than the original in-ear earbud. The price is affordable, when you consider all the benefits that you will receive in return.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Comfy headphones, Great for running" - By k8str
"Great! The MHS123 is the only wired on-ear cellphone headset I've found." - By Kirk Banner

Fully Adjustable

Philips SHS4700/10

Throughout the years, manufacturers have developed many different styles of headphones.

Needless to say, if you are in the market for a new headphone, this can make your decision a difficult one. To assist you in your shopping adventure, a full review of the Philips SHS4700/10 is provided below.

This was designed to provide extreme comfort, even during long-term uses. This is possible due to the ultra-soft ear cushions that adapt to your ears and the fact that there is no headband, only contributes to your comfort even more.

The tangle-free cable is just amazing. It makes wearing and storing the headphones, even easier and less complicated.

The neodymium magnet installed in each ear cup provides a better bass and overall sound. The plug is coated with gold, so you get a much better connection that will not wear out over time.


  • Ultra-soft cushions adapt to your ears
  • No headband, so you have less weight on your head
  • Tangle-free 1.2-meter cable provides superior wear and storage
  • Neodymium magnet
  • 3.5mm plug is gold-plated
  • Ear clips are flexible and comfortable


  • Cable could use a durability upgrade

Overall, the Philips SHS4700/10 headphones are designed to offer flexibility and versatility for avid athletes.

These may not be suitable for small kids due to the fragility of the connection cable, but overall you cannot beat the price. If kids headphones are what you are looking for, read our guide to the best headphones for kids here 

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Great, comfortable and stay in place" - By Annette
"I love these. Perfect for my small ears." - By Louise Burton

Best under £15

Panasonic RP-HS47E-W

Shopping for a good quality set of headphones on a budget can be difficult. It always seems like the best quality headphones are the most expensive.

That was until Panasonic developed the RP-HS47E-W model. These headphones are truly amazing and can provide you with benefits of the most expensive models on the market.

To start off, you will not find a better quality headphone at this price on the market. This headphone weighs 23 grams to provide extreme comfort during prolonged uses.

The flat design of the ear bud not only contributes to the comfort level, but also makes the headphone look very sleek and stylish.

The ear loops that clip on the ears are flexible and they swivel to provide a perfect fit for every type of ear. The cable length is 1.2 meter, so you have plenty of room to move around.


  • 1.2 Meter cable
  • Very affordable model
  • Lightweight design provides superior comfort
  • Flat ear buds offer comfort and a sleek appearance
  • Ear loops are flexible and swivel
  • Available in a variety of colors (white, blue, black, red, silver)


  • Does not provide the strongest bass

If you are on a budget and in the need of a good quality headphone, you simply cannot go wrong with the Panasonic RP-HS47E-W. They are very stylish and will fit your ears like they were custom made for only you.

Check out our list of Best Buy Earphones Under £20​

Amazon Customer Reviews

"To sum it all up these are great especially for the price. Highly recommend if you are looking for quality clip on headphones." - By Jainal
"These earphones are superb. The swiveling clips are flexible, providing a close and comfortable fit." - By Mr. Graham A. Winson

Ideal for Sports

Thomson EAR 5030

The Thomson EAR 5030 is definitely an eye-appealing headphone. The ear buds are covered with a thick layer of soft foam, which fits directly on top of the ear.

This is much more comfortable than the in-ear design and more suitable for athletes. Each ear bud is equipped with an ergonomically designed clip that fits over the ear to keep the earbud in place.

The 30mm driver will provide an excellent sound quality, even when you are participating in strenuous activity.

The 3.5mm jack is gold-plated to provide a more secure connection, which is very important, because a loose connection can interference and decrease the sound quality dramatically. This model will work very well with a variety of music genres, even rap, hard rock, and piano music.


  • Excellent audio quality
  • Very affordable
  • Equipped with a safety clip to secure the earbud and prevent loss
  • Great for listening to music in bed and jogging
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • 3.5mm jack plug
  • Cable length is perfect and offers flexibility, when working out in the gym
  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • Ear clip can cause mild pain after several hours of use

Overall, the Thomson EAR 5030 is designed to provide superior sound quality and versatility. For the price, you will not beat this headphone model, because it comes with all the bells and whistles of a more expensive model.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"The audio quality is FANTASTIC for the price and size of the headphones, they sound really good with deep bass" - By Arun
"These are the only kind of headphones that will stay put when I go running." - By janey29

Best Under £40

Pioneer SE-E721-K

If you enjoy listening to music during your workouts, you already know the importance of a good quality set of headphones.

You need headphones that can provide extremely good sound quality, as well as headphones that won’t slip off your ears, during intense movement. This is exactly what the Pioneer SE-E721 Fully Enclosed Clip-On Headphones can provide.

The skull fit hanger function of these headphones ensures that they stay on your ears, regardless of how much movement you are making or how intense your workout is.

These headphones are fitted with 9mm speakers, so you can ensure that you are going to get a powerful bass and sound response.

The sweat proof design of the headphones guarantees that you never destroy your headphones, during extraneous exercises. On top of this, the cords are dual coiled, so you never have to worry about flexibility.

Upon the purchase of this product, you will also receive a neat little carrying bag and user manual, which definitely help to enhance the value of the package immensely.


  • Very affordable
  • Skull fit hanger ensures placement and stability of headphones
  • 9mm speaker provides powerful bass and sound quality
  • Sweat proof design ensures your headphone won’t wear out or get destroyed, by a little sweat
  • Dual-coiled cords allow extreme flexibility


  • A more expensive headphone might offer more benefits

If you are a gym rat and in need of a good quality set of headphones, you simply cannot go wrong with the Pioneer SE-E721-K. They’re reliable, cheap and well worth exploring in greater depth right now.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Superb! Sound quality is brilliant with a nice bass level but not overpowering." - By Craig
"Sound quality is good too! I would definitely recommend for the price." - By E. Shaw

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