How to Connect a Turntable to a Laptop – a Beginner’s Guide

How to Connect Turntable to Laptop – a Beginner’s Guide

There is nothing quite like kicking back and listening to your favourite records, and with turntables, all of that has been made possible again.

However, the new models also mean new technology, and you can do a lot more with these modern versions – including connecting them up to your laptop.

You might be wondering why you would want to do that, but you may actually be surprised by how useful a feature it is. Why not hang around for a little while and find out?

What is a Turntable? 

Essentially, a turntable is a record player, and it works by spinning the records at an adjustable speed so that you can listen to your favourite music.

They are quite popular, especially as records have started to make a comeback across younger and older generations alike. They come in a whole range of shapes, sizes, and colours, so there really is something for everyone. 

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How Do You Connect it to a Laptop? 

The first thing you need to do is familiarise yourself with the user manual for your turntable so that you understand where everything is, how it works, and if there is anything specific you need to know before you go and hook it up to your laptop.

Next, you have to think about why you are connecting your laptop – to rip and burn the music, or to play tunes from your laptop through the turntable. 

#1 For Music Conversion 

This one is really simple, and most turntables come with everything you need in order to hook it up successfully. First, make sure your turntable is able to connect to a laptop for music conversion, and then you can get down to the actual task.

All you need is a USB cable (usually provided) that you can use to connect the laptop and turntable together. Once this is done, your laptop will likely prompt you to go through a setup wizard, or let you know which steps to take.

At this point, you will probably need to download the music conversion software that came with the turntable so that you can get started with the conversion process.

That’s all there is to it, and if you didn’t get a USB cable with the turntable, it is really easy to pick one up by itself. 

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#2 For Streaming Music 

This one is a little trickier, and many turntables don’t come with the equipment you need in order to connect the two and stream your tunes.

First, you will need to make sure that you have two RCA cables, each of which should have a double prong. These can be bought at any good electronics store, or online, and they are used to connect audio and video equipment, so easy to find.

Following this, take one end of an RCA cable and connect it to the output ports on the turntable, and the other end to the phono in ports on your preamplifier. Take the second RCA cable and connect it to the output ports on the preamplifier.

Just make sure you connect red to red and white to white in each case so that it all works properly. With the other end of the second RCA cable, plug it into a mini adaptor for your computer.

Once this is done, you can take the mini adaptor and connect it up to the line in port for your sound card on your laptop, allowing you to stream music to your heart’s content through the turntable.

As a side note, it is essential to remember that not every turntable is the same and this is why you should always read through the user manual thoroughly before you get started.

After all, your model may have a different process that needs to be followed (or come with all the cables you need). 

How to Convert Your Music 

Once you have the turntable hooked up to the laptop, the conversion process is actually very straightforward. Your turntable will have come with some software to ensure that you are able to go through the process in a smooth and simple manner.

Once you have downloaded it (usually from a disc or a digital file redeemed via the manufacturer’s website), you will be able to take the music from your records and transform it into a digital file that sounds amazing and plays without issue.

So, when you are travelling back and forth from work, missing your records, you can listen to them freely on your mobile device. 

To Conclude 

We hope that this has helped you grasp the concept and method of connecting your turntable to your laptop. Whether you want to convert your music or stream it, the process couldn’t be an easier one.

We’d love to know how you got on though, if you found our advice helpful, or even if you have things you would like to add. Leave us a message in the comments below; we look forward to them! 

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