Best Portable Briefcase Record Players for the Money


Music has been a part of our culture for thousands of years, and even though it has changed over time, the pleasure it brings us has never failed.

 Even though record players were created decades ago, they still remain popular with many people today. The briefcase record player or some may call suitcase record player is one of those popular forms of it, and they are becoming more and more popular among both the older and younger generations.

Many portable briefcase record players not only allow you to listen to the vinyl’s you have collected, but they also allow for the music to be recorded on a USB stick so that you can convert them into digital files.

This allows you to relive the experience of vinyl records on the go and also works as an excellent backup.

When purchasing one of these portable players, it is important that they come from a trusted brand and have a sturdy build.

They should also at least come with the ability to play the records; the recording is an added bonus. Here are some of the best portable briefcase record players you can buy.

What features Can I expect from a portable record player?

Before you choose your new record player, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Below, you will find some of the features you can expect from a portable record player, allowing you to decide which you want and need in your next model.

Lightweight Build - This is pretty key, because without a lightweight design you wouldn’t have a portable record player. You’ll find that even the chunkiest looking models are actually quite light, and many of them even come in cases that can double up as a suitcase for carrying them. In fact, you’ll find a lot of those models in this guide. 

Speed Variation - This is all about the accuracy of the platter rotation on the turntable. If there are deviations in the speed of a record, it can end up lowering the sound quality and may make it feel distorted when you are listening. The lower the speed variation, the better, and the ideal number is anything below 0.25%. 

Playback Speed - This is also known as the rotation speed. The vast majority will have the rotation speed listed as 33-⅓ or 45 RPM. This is quite standard, but also something to look at carefully before you buy. After all, if you have a collection of 78 records, a 45 model is not going to be able to play them properly. Therefore, you will need a record player that can, or to make some alterations to your current model. 

Great Sound - Just because it’s portable doesn’t mean that you can’t have fantastic sound quality while you are listening to your favourite tunes. You’ll find that portable record players have great sound, often with very clear bass, mid, and treble on top of it so that you can enjoy a clear musical experience. 

Bluetooth - This is a useful feature to have with a portable record player. It allows you to connect to other devices for streaming music, but also so that you can play your records through bigger speakers if you fancy it. Bluetooth offers more versatility, and that’s what makes it so appealing. 

Good Battery Life -  While being completely cable-free is not essential for a portable record player, it can be pretty handy if it is battery-powered. This usually means that you can take it to more places, allowing for more flexibilty when hanging with friends and family. A rechargeable model will tend to have a great battery life and reasonable charging period. 

Multi-Media - If you don’t want Bluetooth, or you feel it might be a little too much more, there are other options for seamless streaming. You can get models that have USB and AV ports (as well as others) that will allow you to connect your devices up directly so that you can enjoy your music without the fiddly cables.

1. Editors Pick

1byone Portable Vinyl Turntable

1byone Portable Vinyl Turntable

2. Budget Pick

Assai Vinyl Record Player

Vinyl LP Record Player Turntable

Best Portable Briefcase Record Players (In Order)

1. 1byone Portable Vinyl Turntable

1byone Portable Vinyl Turntable

This vinyl turntable has a briefcase style, but with a fun and young appearance.

It features a dynamic, balanced soft tone arm with damping control, as well as built-in front facing speakers – which provide a fantastic quality of sound.

It’s lightweight, easy to carry around, and has a wooden cabinet with PU leather wrapping. Coming in around £50 its great value.

It also serves as a general music player, with a jack that will allow you to play music from your iPhone or MP3.

The record player will play 33, 45, and 78 vinyl records, and has three different speeds available. It’s nifty and convenient.


  • Plays a variety of records
  • Has a fun design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Great sound quality
  • Can play music from iPhones and MP3 players


  • The arm can cause skipping
  • General build quality is somewhat lacking

This portable record player is at a relatively low price and does a good job considering. It sports a fun and unique style, while playing records that have an excellent quality of sound.

Its lightweight and compact nature make it easy to carry from place to place with ease, and it makes a great addition to any celebration or friendly gathering.

While there have been a few questions about build quality, it’s good to go for if you are on a bit of a budget.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"A beautiful machine for a great value price!" - By Kimberley Charman

"Fantastic Value for Money and a Wonderful  Gift." - By C. Franklin

2. Assai Vinyl Record Player

Best Vintage Turntable 

Assai Vinyl Record Player

This portable briefcase record player comes in a case with a sleek retro vintage record design for excellent aesthetic pleasure.

The designed portability makes it ideal for parties and casual settings with friends. It has built-in stereo speakers for clearer, more widespread sound and also has an RCA out port for connecting to a stereo.

It plays 33 1/3, 45RPM, and 78 RPM records and the turntable mechanism is  belt drive. It has three speeds, making your listening experience more varied and interesting.

 It is also constructed from wood and covered in a faux leather material, making it more lightweight when carrying it inside the briefcase.


  • Retro design
  • Three speeds
  • RCA port
  • Plays old and new vinyl’s
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Plays variety of records


  • Quality of modern vinyl’s is lacking
  • Can skip on modern vinyl’s

This Assai retro portable record player is great if you want to play some old tunes at a party or friendly gathering.

It’s light as well as easy to carry around with you, and the varied speeds available make it a more diverse model. While it may not be ideal for modern vinyl’s, it is an affordable price and great for playing older music and records, as well as being from a reliable brand.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Excellent item,compact good sound and well priced.very happy with my purchase." - By Mrs. B. Morton

"Good value record player and great sound" - By Chris

3. Denver Red Portable Turntable

Denver Red Portable Turntable

This vintage styled record player comes in a portable briefcase design for ease when carrying it around.

It has dynamic full range speakers, that produce fantastic quality sound, and it can even be connected to the speakers you have at home through the rear phono port. 

The three speed recorder can play 33rpm 1/3, 45rpm, and 78rpm records, and there is the option to convert your vinyl records into digital files so that you can have them on your smaller music players.

The USB port allows for an easy and instant connection to you PC so you can begin the conversion process.


  • Can use headphones
  • Can convert vinyls to digital files
  • Great sound
  • Very portable with a great design
  • Plays a number of records at three speeds


  • Does not come with digital file software
  • Record does not lay flat

This reasonably priced portable record player is great if you are looking for something small to play your records on that also has great sound for its size.

Is plays a number of record types at three speeds, for the best listening experience.

While it does not come with the software to do this, you can also convert your vinyl’s into digital files so you can have the music in two forms and on your mobile devices. A good player on a budget.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Very relieved I can replace my old vinyl player. This one is easy to use, sounds good and is convenient to use and carry." - By A. Woodward

"I'm in love with it! Plays records brilliantly and smoothly, nice control on the arm." - By Rebecca Chawner

4. GPO Attache Record Player

Best Retro Record Player

GPO Attache record Player

This portable record player comes in a smart and stylish briefcase, designed to give you are more sophisticated look.

The turntable plays all three speeds, while also producing an excellent quality sound. This is further enhanced by the built-in stereo speakers and the ability to plug the turntable into external speakers.

It comes with a free USB stick that will allow you to record all of your favourite tracks and convert them into useable digital files for your listening pleasure.

You don’t even need a PC in order to do it. It really is as simple as plugging the record player in and letting it play.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Highly portable
  • USB stick provided for recording of favourite tracks
  • No need for a PC
  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable price


  • Playback speed can be inconsistent
  • Auto-stop function often stops a track before it has reached the end

If you are looking for a simple yet effective portable record player, then this one might just be the one for you.

It has great sound quality, a simple yet stylish design, and even comes with a free USB stick so that you can convert your vinyl records into digital files – allowing you to take them with you on walks or runs.

The portability also makes it great for taking to friend’s houses for a fun night in.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Does exactly what it says and simple to use. Good quality and very retro." - By Shazbot

"Excellent for simply transferring each album side onto a USB stick file. Sound is ok." - By Jo Jo

5. UKayed Bluetooth Turntable

UKayed Bluetooth Turntable

This snazzy portable record player comes with Bluetooth features, which are not often seen in this form of entertainment.

The Bluetooth features allow for wireless music streaming from your other devices, as well as a toggle switch which lets you control both the volume and the arm.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery, making it easier than ever before to take this record player around with you and set it up at the homes of friends and family for a fun night in together. It’s ideal for BBQs or even picnics.

The sound quality is excellent thanks to the built-in speakers, and there is the option to connect external speakers as well. It’s great value for money.


  • Bluetooth integration
  • Good sound quality
  • Fun retro design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Incredibly portable
  • Wireless streaming


  • Can skip records
  • Poor playback at times

There are very few portable record players that have Bluetooth integration, making this an excellent buy for members of every generation.

The wireless streaming and Bluetooth connectivity adds a fun and nifty technological twist, while still producing excellent quality sound.

With a fun and retro design, there have been a few issues with the player, but they have not been as common as the positives to this great turntable.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Can't get over how much value for money this is! Took minutes to set up, & although not hi fi sound quality, more than reasonable for an average room." - By David Roberts

"Amazing. Love putting my old records on it. Sounds clear and good ." - By Rachel McCarthy

6. Steepletone SRP05TT Stand Alone

Steepletone SRP05TT Stand Alone

This Steepletone record player features a nifty red and cream briefcase, making it incredibly compact and portable.

It’s easy to carry around with you from place to place, and it very lightweight. It has a simple and retro design, with speakers that really give you a decent sound quality.

It plays all record speeds, and even has an analogue radio frequency range for when you don’t feel like listening to your vinyl’s it has rotary controls for the power, volume, and the tuning selections on the turntable.

You can also use the USB port to hook it up to your computer and create digital copies of your favourite vinyl’s. You’ll never be without them again.


  • Funky retro design
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Analogue radio
  • Rotary controls
  • Can create digital copy of vinyl music
  • Built-in speakers for great sound


  • Does not come with software for file conversion
  • Sound quality can be a little lacking
  • A little bulky

For a portable record player that is perfect for a retro aesthetic and great for playing your records on a quiet night in, this brand is one of the best and most trusted by many consumers.

It has a great quality build, and while the sound can be a little lacking, it makes up for it with the radio and USB file conversion ability. For something good and affordable, this is the one you will want to try.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"It has stunning retro looks, and the sound is quite acceptable" - By Andrew J. Minter

"Does exactly what I needed it to - plays records and the sound is actually a lot better than I thought it would be without hooking up to speakers." - By Emma Burgess

Previously Featured Models

Zennox Retro Briefcase Turntable

Zennox Retro Briefcase Turntable

With this retro portable turntable, you can enjoy the sound of vinyl wherever you want. There are built in twin stereo speakers for an excellent sound experience.

The turntable will play 33, 45, and 78 vinyl records, and it is sure to add a fantastic aesthetic to any room, along with the fantastic quality of music.

Once you are finished using it, it closes up neatly and turns into a portable briefcase.

If you want to convert your records into digital files, there is a port that will allow for a USB connection so you can do so.

The record player comes with Audacity software and the necessary cables to make the transfer onto your computer. It has never been easier to listen to and convert your vinyl records.


  • Funky Union Jack design
  • Plays a number of record types
  • Built in twin stereo speakers
  • Easy conversion to digital
  • Comes with the software needed for digital conversion


  • Can have a cheap appearance

This portable record player has a fun and funky design that really adds a new touch to the look of a room.

The sound quality is fantastic. This record player with built-in speakers are incredibly high quality.

It plays a number of record types and also allows for the easy conversion of your vinyl’s to a digital format – so you can keep them with you, even if the unthinkable should happen to your records.


Q: Is the arm on this Zennox record player automatic ?

A: No you have to use the cueing arm yourself unfortunately, although this doesnt make it any less of a product, its amazing to listen to. 

Q: Does this come with a rechargeable battery or is it only mains powered?

A: Mains only powered, sorry. 

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Great sound and beautiful design. Doesn't take up much space and works perfectly. Great purchase and looks better than in the photos." - By Miss C. Thomson

"Just what I wanted. Looks good. Sounds good. Very pleased with my purchase" - By Chrissy

Crosley Keepsake USB Turntable

Crosley Keepsake Brief Case Style

The compact size and stylish design of this portable USB turntable / record player gives it a snazzy look from the start.

It fits perfectly into any home, with a simple black colour and the shape of a standard briefcase.

It’s incredibly portable, perfect for carrying to the homes of friends or family for some time together listening to great records.

There is also the option to play your music through the smartphone/MP3 player jack so you can listen to your other music through the full range, built in speakers.

There is also a USB port so you can plug it into your computer, allowing you to download and convert the music into a digital file.

This way you can put it on your phone or MP3 player so that you can listen on the go. The software for this is included.


  • Stylish and fun design
  • Good sound quality
  • Plays at three record speeds
  • Can listen to music from phone/MP3 through speakers
  • Convert vinyl music into digital files
  • Software is included with the record player


  • Breakage can be relatively common
  • Feedback can occur

This portable record player is good for causal nights in and for converting your vinyl music into digital files for your use when you’re on the go.

You never have to be without your favourite tunes again. While there have been reports of it breaking after a short while, they are not particularly common compared to the great feedback many others have left them.

Great for a family night in, or one with just friends.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Five Stars. Superb, many thanks !" - By Andrew Spooner

"I bought this turntable for my parents as they have a vinyl collection and I thought it would be great for their summer barbecues. I was so pleased with my purchase!!" - By Hounslje

Crosley Executive Record Player

Crosley Executive Briefcase Style

This stylish portable turntable  sports a snazzy executive design, showing off a stylish look when you carry it from place to place.

It has a three speed turntable that is belt driven and will play 33, 45RPM, and 78RPM vinyl records with ease and superb sound thanks to the stereo speakers.

It comes with a headphone jack so that you can listen to your tunes in private as well.

There is a USB port so that you can transfer your music and create a digital copy of it for your music player, along with the software necessary to do so.

It also comes with an AC power adaptor, auxiliary cord, and jacks for input and output.


  • Stylish design
  • Plays a range of record types and speeds
  • USB port for digital conversion
  • Digital conversion software provided
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Sound quality is questionable
  • Can cause records to play in a ‘wavy’ fashion
  • Not considered to be particularly durable

If you are looking for a portable turntable with a snazzy touch, then the design of this Crosley case turntable is perfect for you. While there have been a few questions regarding sound quality and general durability, they are easy to use and still play at a number of different speeds.

The record player also allows you to convert your music into digital files so you can carry them with you on your phone or MP3 player. Considering the low price, it’s a good little player to go with on a budget.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Looks great, sounds exactly how I remember vinyl should" - By MJ Hinton

"Excellent vinyl record player" - By Jane


Q: It says its USB enabled, can you record from the vinyl onto a stick?

A: Yes you can record from the vinyl with ease. 

Crosley Cruiser Record Player

Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Three-Speed

This funky blue portable record player comes in the classic briefcase design for excellent portability and a compact feel.

The turntable mechanism is belt driven and plays all three record speeds, giving you a diverse choice in terms of sound.

It has a headphone jack so that you can listen to your tunes in private, rather than through the built-in speakers. 

You can also plug your smartphone in via the headphone jack so that you can listen to your other music through the full range speakers in peace, and with a relaxed feel.


  • Funky briefcase design
  • Plays all three record speeds
  • Built-in, full range, speakers
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Good sound
  • Can play music from phone through the headphone jack


  • Sound can warp/skip
  • Build quality is a little cheap
  • Audio quality not as good as other brands

A simple, affordable model, this portable record player is ideal for those on a budget that are looking for something for more casual use.

It does not have some of the more sophisticated features that many other portable players have, but it does have a headphone jack and allows you to play your tunes from your mobile devices.

It’s the best of both worlds, and while there have been a few issues it’s a great budget turntable.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"I would certainly recommend this product. It's great and my daughter loves it. For the money paid I feel it is excellent." - By Seb

"Portable fun and plug it in for a full sound!" - By TJB

To Conclude

Portable record players are becoming increasingly popular with all generations.

They allow people to share their love for retro music in any location – whether it’s at a BBQ or just at home with friends and family.

There are many different types you can purchase, and the one that is best for you really depends on your need.

If you just want the music, then a basic record player is all you will need, and the great thing is that they all come with the nifty briefcase design.

If you are looking for something more complex, or wish you could listen to your records whilst out running or on long walks, then you should invest in a portable record player that has a USB connection for file conversion.

That way, you can put the music on your phone or MP3 player. Similarly, if you want something that you can bring to picnics and has a few extra bits of technology, give a Bluetooth one a try – they often have rechargeable batteries.

There is sure to be a portable record player that is perfect for you here. Do you think there is a turntable that should have been on here?

What do you think of the ones we talked about? We would love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below.

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