10 Best Bluetooth Workout Headphones – Gym Friendly

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Workout

When exercising and getting buff in the gym, you want to ensure that you’re able to get pumped, by listening to your favorite music!

There is no doubt that music is capable of providing you with a little more focus and motivation to get moving.

Of course, it is vital to make sure that you equip yourself with some excellent Bluetooth headphones that are gym friendly.

Within this guide, you’ll find exactly what to look for, as well as reviews for some of the best gym friendly models.

What to Look For

  • Type – First and foremost, you should know that there are several different types of headphones. There are the earbud models, in which the earbud fits securely in your ear. These are certainly best for working out because they’ll stay in your ears regardless of how hard you run. On-ear models go over the head and on the ears. These aren’t as good for running since they tend to slip and slide off of the head easily.
  • Noise Cancelling -When attempting to look for headphones, you will most certainly want to contemplate purchasing noise-canceling sets. This technology is capable of eliminating the noise around you, which allows you to focus solely on your music. Suffice to say, this is perfect for the gym so you won’t get annoyed with everyone around you.
  • Comfort and weight are extremely important for the gym! You obviously want to be able to run, while wearing your headphones. Therefore, you should equip yourself with a set that is lightweight and very comfortable. If you don’t know that they’re there, you’ve found a good pair!
  • Durability is also an important factor. It is most certain that your headphones are going to take a beating at the gym. When you’re pumping weights or running, your headphones could very well get dropped. Make sure that they will not break very easily. Paying a little extra is definitely worth it for added durability.
  • Battery – With Bluetooth workout headphones, it is vital to remember that these are equipped with internal batteries. To ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your music throughout your workout, you need to make sure to choose a headset with a good battery life! You do not want to stop and recharge, which might not even be possible. Paying more for a better battery is very smart!

    Below, you will be able to discover some of the very best Bluetooth headphones for gym members!

Top Rated Bluetooth Workout Headphones


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Jaybird In-Ear Earphones

Under £100


Jaybird Logo
Sennheiser CX 686G Sports Ear-Canal

Under £50


Sennheiser logo
Intcrown S520

Under £20


intcrown logo
Gogroove AirBand Wireless

Under £20


Accessory power logo
Monster iSport Victory

Under £100


monster logo
Bluetooth Headphones Bluesim®

Under £15


Bluesim logo
GOgroove AirBand Wireless

Under £20


accessory Power logo
Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Under £65


Bose Freestyle Earbuds

Under £90


bose logo

Intcrown S520 Wireless Bluetooth

Best Value

If you’re looking for a nice pair of earbuds that won’t set you back too badly, you’ll want to consider these.

The Intcrown S520 Wireless Bluetooth headphones are available in three individual colors, which ensure that you’ll always look good in the gym. 

The headphones are fit with a sufficiently long cord, which assures that you won’t have to strain yourself getting the earbuds in.

Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or some other Bluetooth enabled device, these headphones, which are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, will undoubtedly work for your needs!

Of course, runners need to ensure that the earbuds will not fall out of their ears. Rest assured that the Intcrown S520 are equipped with excellent earbuds that will stay in place.

The earpiece will fit in your ear comfortably and the outside of the earbud will prevent them from falling out. As long as you keep the headphones fully charged, they’ll be able to provide you with 4 hours of playtime.

The price being under £50 is definitely more than suitable for these excellently durable and comfortable headphones.


Amazon Customer Reviews

"Very Good Activity Bluetooth Headphones" - By Dr. Bojan Tunguz
"I am extremely satisfied with this purchase" - By Amazon Customer

Gogroove AirBand Wireless

Best On Ear

​The Gogroove AirBand wireless headset is an extraordinary listening device. It offers innumerable diversity options, since you can use them with all of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

This is great, if you own an array of mobile devices, since you will never be required to own several headsets.

The adjustment features and settings are located on the posterior portion of the right ear cuff.

You can customize your volume, skip tracks, and control your music/ calls with 1-2 fingers, in a matter of seconds. This is very convenient for someone that is always on the go.

The lightweight construction is definitely surprising for this brand, since it is equipped with so many features. The 0.8 ounces will allow you to wear them for an extended amount of time, without causing ear pain or sensitivity.

The 30 foot wandering distance is also fantastic, because you will not be forced to stand right over top of your phone, while you are listening to tunes or talking. You will not receive any type of interference, as long as you stay within this range.

All in all this brand is the best on-ear headset available on today’s market.

Amazon Customer Reviews

" Great value - multiple uses." - By James Burrell
"Nice product."  - By Ray H

Monster iSport Victory In-Ear

Best In Ear 

​If you’re not afraid to splurge and want top-notch quality, you’ll want to consider purchasing the Monster iSport Victory In-Ear headphones.

Sure, they might be a little on the expensive side, but the increased cost is most certainly justified.

With the in-line microphone and controls, you’ll be able to easily adjust the volume, without missing a beat. These headphones are sweat proof, which make them excellent for gym use.

With these headphones, you’ll be able to receive excellent sound quality thanks to the total noise isolation.

If you want to ensure that nobody around you hears your music, these are the headphones for you! They’re capable of providing excellent sound and deep bass, which will motivate you to run a little harder and lift a little more. The protective pouch is also very handy.


Q: How long is the cable? Is there a detachable extension? How long is it with or without it?

A: It is about a metre from the connector to the volume control, and there doesn't seem to be a detachable extension, sound is great though and easily best fitting in-ear phones iv found, great for sports with alot of movement 

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Isport Victory Review (Compared to Isport Immersion)" - By Sharmeen Browarek
"Monster iSport Victory Headphone: Green wonders that set a new criteria"By John Williamson

Jaybird In-Ear Earphones

If you’re looking for an excellent pair of earphones, which will remain snuggly in your ears, you will definitely want to take the time to check out the Jaybird In-Ear Earphones.

These earphones are available in three unique and equally beautiful color schemes, including storm white, midnight black and camouflage.

The headphones offer an immense amount of convenience, since the music volume can be controlled from the headset. 

These headphones are entirely wireless and run off a rechargeable battery. The battery can provide you with 8 hour of talk and playback, which should be more than sufficient for almost everyone.

They’re designed with built-in Bluetooth, so they can be used with a large assortment of different devices. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or hitting the elliptical, you’ll never have to worry about the headphones sliding out of your ears.

They’ll remain comfortable throughout the duration of your workout. More pros and cons can be found below.


  • Built with Bluetooth compatibility, so they can be used with a large number of streaming devices
  • Available in three color schemes for a little added customization
  • Sweat proof and comes with a lifetime warranty against sweat related problems
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery, which delivers 8 hours or talk and playback
  • Very comfortable and won’t slide out of your ears
  • Volume can easily be controlled with the built-in controls


  • A little more expensive than some of the others

All in all, the Jaybird In-Ear Earphones are great and will completely satisfy the majority of consumers.

Despite being a little more costly, they’re well worth the price tag and should definitely be explored in greater detail right now!

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Very impressive little headphones!" - By Mr. R. Gaufman
"Essential for the gym"By Christopher Jeffryes

Sennheiser CX 686G Sports Earphones

If you’ve been around the headphones market, you’ve likely familiarized yourself with Sennheiser.

This company specifically specializes in these products and the majority of their headphones are well received.

This is especially true, when it comes to the Sennheiser CX 686G Sports Earphones.

Unlike many of the others, within this genre, these earphones are actually incredibly affordable! They’re also very cool. 

The green color scheme will help to ensure that your earphones are never lost. The controls are built into the wire, so you will always be able to adjust the volume easily.

A microphone is also built into the cable, so you’ll easily be able to chat back and forth with friends and family, while you workout. These are wired headphones and utilize the traditional 3.5mm plug.

This helps to guarantee that they’ll be compatible with almost all devices, including smartphones and MP3 players. These headphones are equipped with sealed acoustics, which help to prevent outside noise for disturbing your music.


  • Incredibly affordable, stylish and durable
  • Sealed acoustics ensures you’re never bothered by those around you
  • 3.5mm jack delivers incredibly versatile and makes the headphones compatible with nearly any device
  • Omni-directional microphone allows you to freely speak back and forth with your friend and loved ones
  • Comes with storage pouch, cable clip and ear adapter


  • Wired setup may become a hindrance

When it comes down to it, the Sennheiser CX 686G Sports Earphones are great and very affordable. They’re also stylish, durable and compatible with nearly all players.​

If you don’t demand Bluetooth compatibility, these headphones are well worth exploring in greater detail.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Excellent sound quality and amazing security and comfort" - By CMB
"Great Headphones for Runners"By Richard Kelly


At the end of the day, there are hundreds of different headphones on the market, but not all of them are suitable for gym usage. Instead, it is best to use the information above, so you know exactly what you need.

With this information, you’ll be able to assure that your headphones will remain in place, resist the sweat and provide you with hours and hours of excellent music!

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