Best Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers for Your Bathroom

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For some people, taking a shower is the most amazing part of the entire day! It is definitely relaxing, when you step into sweet serenity and allow the water to soak your entire body.

Of course, some people look at the shower in a different light! They enjoy getting in there, scrubbing down and singing to their heart’s desire.

Truthfully, there is no wrong or right way to use the shower, as long as you enjoy it and get clean. Simple enough, huh? Of course, you will also want to take advantage of new shower technology, such as Bluetooth shower heads.

With the use of these heads, it is entirely possible to listen to your favorite radio stations and songs directly inside of the shower. Below, you will find what to look for, when purchasing one of these devices.

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When attempting to purchase a Bluetooth shower head, it is absolutely vital to make sure you know exactly what characteristics to consider. Obviously, price is going to be a factor.

There is no way around this! New technology is always more expensive, when it is first released. Make sure that you select one of the speakers that suits the budget that you’re working with.

  • At the same time, range will undoubtedly be very important. Since these shower heads and speakers work with Bluetooth technology, you will need to make sure that they’ll provide you with sufficient range. For showering purposes, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern, if you’re willing to bring your streaming device close to the shower.
  • Sound quality is vital! Obviously, you’ll want to ensure that your speakers produce excellent sound that is capable of playing louder than the sound of the running water. Be sure to read the reviews to discover which speakers produce the best sound possible.
  • Of course, the shower head itself is vital. Make sure that you choose a head that is going to provide you with the specific type of water flow that you desire. If you want a more powerful stream, make sure to choose a head that will be able to provide it!

Below, you will be able to find some of the most suitable shower heads for this specific purpose.

Top Rated Bluetooth Showerheads

DROK® Portable Bluetooth Shower Head

If you’re looking for an awesome sounding Bluetooth speaker and a superbly powerful showerhead, you’ll want to check out the H2oVibe Rain.

According to the specifications, this head can produce 3 times more power than other traditional heads. Overall, the installation is nearly effortless.

If you’ve ever changed a showerhead before, you’ll be able to swap to this one, within a matter of minutes. Of course, the speaker is totally efficient, as well.

While the water beams down on you and provides you with a spa-like feeling, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite sounds with clear audio.

The premium speaker is capable of delivering a range of 33 feet, which should be suitable for nearly everyone. It is also equipped with a dual microphone for making calls.

In fact, a push to speak button is available, if you need to answer the phone, while you shower.

Overall, this speaker is on the cheaper end of the table and is definitely well worth it. Most consumers will feel confident with this head in their shower.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Fantastic speaker and shower head" -By Amazon Customer
"Bring Your Music Into The Shower"  - By Deon

TechCode Mini Ultra Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for a sufficient shower speaker that will provide you with an affordable price and plenty of color options, you’ll want to check out the TechCode Mini Ultra.

This speaker is available in several different colors, including white, blue and pink. This will help to ensure that you find a speaker that fits your style to perfection.

The device can be conveniently controlled, by using the front buttons. These buttons easily allow you to shut the system off, switch the song and answer your telephone. With the utilization of Bluetooth 3.0 technology, no wires are required.

With this same technology, the speaker is compatible with an array of different devices, including iPhones and iPods. As long as your device is equipped with Bluetooth streaming, it’ll work with this speaker.

Although it is built for use in the shower, the device is very versatile and can be used for different purposes, as well. For instance, it can be used, when you run on the treadmill.

The speaker is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which will provide you with 6 hours of playtime.

Overall, this speaker is well worth the money and is very affordable. The sound quality is sufficient and you’ll be able to enjoy this speaker throughout your shower.


Q: Will it automatically pick up the nearest Bluetooth so the whole family can use at different times without having to re scan?

A: Not automatically. You have to find the speaker every time 

TaoTronics Bluetooth Shower Speaker

TaoTronics shower speaker is equipped with 3.0 Bluetooth capabilities, so you can listen to your favorite tunes, while taking a shower.

It has also passed water resistant IPX4 standards, so you can install it on your shower or pool room wall, without being concerned of moisture damage.

The heavy duty suction cup is designed to hold securely onto ceramic tile and wall surrounds.

The lightweight design is also a great feature and will not hinder the suctioning mechanism.

The polymer lithium battery life is around 6 hours, which is fairly general, when compared to other brands.

You will receive a USB (not a micro USB connector) to DC charging cable, so you can plug it into any electrical outlet. It does require around 2 hours for full recharging.

The 5 adjustable buttons are discretely and safety hidden behind the rubber disk, so no moisture will be able to reach them. You can stray up to 33 feet away from your source device, before you will receive any type of interference.

The TaoTronics shower speaker is equipped with a microphone. You can receive incoming call alerts and answer them right from the speaker.

Some consumers have noted that the microphone is a bit weak, so if you plan on using the speaker to communicate with others, you should keep this in mind, before you purchase the TaoTronics.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Taotronics shower speaker- By JWink
"Be entertained while cleaning yourself"  - By Michael Chu

DROK Portable Bluetooth Showerhead

Are you searching for a special way to add a little entertainment to your shower?

If so, you should consider installing the DROK showerhead in your shower stall. This showerhead is portable and integrated with a Bluetooth chip, so it can communicate with your iPhone or tablet.

The shower spray comes with a speaker that will emit a clear, crisp sound, even when the shower water is running. 

The speaker has a waterproof design, so it will not become damaged, even if it is submersed in water.

This will increase the service life drastically, plus it is very lightweight, so even the small children in your family can utilize it, as well.


  • Designed with a corrosive-resistant plating
  • Battery powered with a long 10-hour run time
  • Compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Battery charges in 4 hours or less
  • Capable of operating in climates of 0-80 degrees Celsius


  • The Bluetooth connectivity does have some difficulty connecting the speaker and iPhone

Overall, the DROK portable Bluetooth showerhead cannot be beat in quality, longevity, and durability.

If you are looking for something to add a lot of entertainment to shower, you should definitely consider the DROK. Download the mobile app to your source device and start listening to your favorite tunes, while you shower.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Great Product!" - By NATALIE S.
"Great way to start the day."  - By davidhalldc


At the end of the day, there are many different Bluetooth speakers that will work exceptionally well in your shower.

Be sure to use the information above to find the speaker that fits your preferences the best. You can also read more on this website

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