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Best Turntables Under £300: 5 Top Models For The Vinyl Revival

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Best Turntables Under 300

Are you currently looking for a great turntable, which will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite old records? If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to check out the best turntables under £200.

Of course, some consumers are more than willing to spend a little extra, in order to get a turntable, which will deliver a little better quality.

Consumers realize that price is only a small factor and you should make sure that your purchase isn’t only based on this singularity. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home and family!

What to Check For 

When attempting to purchase a turntable, there are many different factors to consider. Below, you will be able to find a breakdown of these for your consideration.

  • Price – Price is definitely important, but you shouldn’t allow it to consume your decision. As long as the turntable is under £300 and fits your preferences, it’ll be a good purchase!
  • Drive – Choosing between a belt drive and direct drive is vital! Although belt drive is good, the belt pulley system can become an issue over time. A direct drive system will always be more expensive, but it’ll usually last much longer, as well.
  • Portability – Portability may or may not be a big concern to you. On the other hand, it might be incredibly important. When attempting to make your decision, you should consider how precisely you will be using the turntable. If you intend to travel with it, you should make sure to choose one that is much more portable.
  • Various Speeds – Various speeds are absolutely vital. Although one is the minimum, you should never choose one that doesn’t offer at least two speeds. Three speeds are even better and will help to ensure that you’re able to play all of your records perfectly.
  • Phono Cartridges – Remember that it is possible to choose a turntable, which comes with a phono cartridge, but some do not. Make sure that you choose one that does, as this will make the process much easier. If you choose one that doesn’t, you’ll likely need to spend £40 or more extra for one.
  • USB Connectivity – Some newer turntables are equipped with USB ports. This will give you the ability to connect the turntable to your computer and record all of your records, as MP3s. This feature isn’t available with all machines, but it is definitely one that you’ll want to consider.
  • Automatic or Manual – Some turntables offer completely automatic operation, while others will require you to pick up the arm and place it on the record. If you want total convenience, you should make sure to choose one that is completely automatic. If not, manual turntables are great too!

Overall, it is absolutely vital to explore each and every one of the characteristics above. Doing so will guarantee that you choose the very best turntable for your specific needs and desires.

Top Rated Turntables Under £300


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

Under £230


Audio Technica Logo
Stanton T92USB

Under £260


Stanton Logo
Pro-Ject Essential II

Under £210


Pro-Ject Logo
Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

Under £230


Audio Technica Logo

Under £290



Under £300


Numark Logo

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable

If you’re looking for a great turntable that is durable and stylish, you’ll definitely want to check out the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable.

In order to provide you with a little customization, you can choose between silver or black color schemes.

This is a direct drive turntable, which helps to guarantee that it’ll last you for a much longer period of time. This also helps to elevate the value of the device significantly.

This turntable comes with a USB cable, which can be used to connect the device to your Mac or PC computer. From there, you’ll be able to transfer your records to MP3 files.

The turntable is also equipped with three individual speed settings. 33 1/3, 45, and 75 RPM speeds are all available. The turntable has a frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz, which guarantee that it’ll deliver excellent audio quality.

The turntable is a little heavy at 23.5 pounds, but this guarantees that it is more durable and more worth your money.


  • Very stylish turntable, with 2 colors to choose from
  • Affordable and well under the £300 mark
  • Durable, well made and will last a long period of time, thanks to the direct drive setup
  • Frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • USB connectivity
  • Three speed settings to choose from


  • The finish looks a little awkward and the paint wears off easily

Overall, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable is an excellent choice, which will definitely deliver an excellent performance. It is well made and very durable! For that, it is well worth its price tag!


Q: Does it have auto return?

A: No auto return. Pure manual operation.

Q: Is there a cartridge included with this deck ?

A: Yes included and the cartridge seems very good. 

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Amazing looks and sound" - By Jordon

"Best turntable for the money"  - By NH Ron

Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable

If you’re interested in a stylish turntable, you’ll definitely want to look at the Pro-Ject Essential II turntable.

The turntable’s overall design is very modern and will look great sitting on your table or shelf. 

This one is right under the £300 mark, which puts it within reach for most consumers. This is a belt-driven system, which runs very quietly. The machine has been completely designed to help prevent unnecessary vibration and skipping.

At the same time, the Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable is one of the lightest at 8.8 pounds. This makes it one of the most portable on the list.

The turntable is equipped with an acrylic cover, which will keep everything safe, when the turntable is not in use.

The turntable doesn’t come with a built-in phono preamp, which might be a concern for some. Below, you will be able to discover more pros and cons.


  • Under the £300 mark
  • Lighter in weight and more portable
  • White color scheme is very cool
  • Well made and very durable
  • Doesn’t vibrate too badly and operates silently
  • Delivers excellent audio quality for the price


  • No USB connectivity
  • No built-in Pre-Amp

In the end, the Pro-Ject Essential II is a good option for the majority of consumers. It is fairly basic though.

Therefore, you should only choose this turntable, if you’re not interested in moving your favorite songs to your computer. Also, you will need to consider purchasing a pre-amp.

Therefore, one of the others might be a better choice for some, but this one is definitely well worth its price tag, and could easily sit in our Best Turntable Under £500 Guide

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Great Turntable!" - By Andrew Baughman

"Five stars"  - By Ana

Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB

Direct Drive Turntable

If you’re looking for a more reliable direct drive turntable, you’ll want to check out the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Turntable!

This particular turntable is available in two cool colors, including silver and black. This turntable also offers USB connectivity to your Mac or Windows computer. 

This gives you the ability to transfer your favorite records into MP3 files. This turntable offers move speed options, including 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM.

When purchasing this turntable, you will be provided with a variety of accessories, including a USB cable and the very popular Audacity software.

This device is equipped with a built-in pre-amplifier. All of the cables, which are used to connect the turntable to your stereo or speakers, are provided.

This turntable is significantly heavier than the rest, but this ensures that it is more durable and better built! Still, this doesn’t make it difficult to transport.


  • A little more expensive, but the price hike is justified
  • Very durable, well made and direct drive motor
  • Offers USB connectivity and audio software is included
  • Comes with 3 different speed settings
  • Easy to assemble and setup
  • Includes a variety of accessories for added value


  • A little more expensive
  • Heavier than the rest

Overall, the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable is great. It might be a little more expensive, but it is well worth it in all regards. It is very stylish and will provide your family with entertainment for many years.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Solid turntable with reasonable price" - By David K. Hill

"Spend the money. It's worth it!"  - By Gregg Hutchings

TEAC TN-300 

Analog Turntable

Some consumers want to be able to customize their turntables. It is possible to do this with the TEAC TN-300 Analog

Turntable. It is available in a wide range of different colors, including black, cherry, white, red, and natural. Each is very stylish and will look great in your home. 

Take note that this is a manual belt-drive turntable, which is equipped with two speed settings. The turntable has a built-in phone equalizer, which offers a better overall value.

This is a USB turntable, which can be connected to your Mac or PC. When connected, it can be used to convert your vinyl records into audio files.

The turntable is extremely lightweight at 11 pounds, so it is very portable too. Overall, the turntable delivers an excellent sound, which will keep you and your family entirely happy. More pros can be explored below.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Delivers excellent audio quality
  • Doesn’t vibrate badly
  • Easy to use and very convenient operation
  • USB connectivity adds more usability
  • Motor is quiet, during operation
  • Two speeds to choose from


  • Belt drive system might be a concern
  • Warranty is a little short

In the end, the TEAC TN-300 Analog Turntable offers plenty of excellent features.

Although it does have a few small downfalls, these are definitely not deal breakers. If you want a worthwhile turntable that is great for beginners, this one is well worth exploring further.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"My fourth turntable and it's the best I've ever had" - By Johnny

"Beautiful, practical and good valued turntable" - By Steve E.


When attempting to purchase a worthwhile turntable, numerous characteristics will need to be considered.

Of course, some turntables are versatile and well rounded enough to satisfy almost everyone. This is where the NUMARK TT250 comes into the picture.

This specific unit might be affordable, but it still delivers an impressive performance, which will satisfy even those hardcore audiophiles. 

The direct drive motor will deliver longevity and definitely excels past the belt-driven systems. The tone arm is S-Shaped, so it will never lose its tracking and will always remain on point.

This specific turntable comes with two speed settings, including 45 and 33 1/3 RPM. You can also switch between 115 and 230v operations. With USB compatibility, the user will be able to convert their favorite records into digital files.

The turntable is also fitted with a pitch adjustment for added customization.

The unit weighs just 9 grams, so it is easy to move about, but heavy enough to prevent distortion and vibrations. The black color scheme and overall design is very sleek and professional.


  • Very affordable turntable, which delivers a professional performance
  • Sleek design, which will look great anywhere
  • S-Shaped tone arm is designed for precision and will never get off track
  • Platter is manufactured from die-cast aluminum for enhanced stability
  • Comes with 2 RPM speeds, 45 and 33 1/3
  • Switch between 115 and 230v
  • Can be used to convert your records into digital files with a USB cable
  • Direct drive is great


  • Lacks all common RPM speeds

All in all, the NUMARK TT250 USB Turntable is great for many people. It is sleek, affordable and will deliver sound quality, which is near perfection. Be sure to explore this turntable in greater depth today!

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Sounds better than expected... way better!" - By G. Ng

"Simply elegant nice sounding turntable"  - By Waz Abd

Previously Featured Models

Stanton T92USB USB Turntable

If you’re looking for a professional quality turntable, the Stanton T92USB Turntable might very well be the one for you.

By taking a quick glance at this device, you will recognize that it is professionally built and completely innovative.

The high-torque direct drive motor is very impressive and operates almost silently. 

This turntable is equipped with a USB output. This will give you the option of transferring your vinyl records to your computer. When you purchase this turntable, you’ll also receive the software needed to transfer and edit your music.

This turntable is a little more versatile and comes with three speed settings. It is a little heavy and weighs in at 22.4 pounds, but this doesn’t make it difficult to transport. Below, you will find the pros and cons of this turntable.


  • Very affordable and under £300
  • A professional turntable
  • Direct drive motor
  • Very stylish design
  • Fairly lightweight and easily portable
  • Excellent audio quality
  • USB connectivity


  • Doesn’t have a tonearm lift
  • Software is difficult to understand

Overall, the Stanton T92USB Turntable is an excellent option for all. It offers USB connectivity and is also direct driven. This enhances the product’s stature and value significantly.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Clean strong signal for recording" - By Opiedog

"Excellent turntable!"  - By Jesse Montalvo