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Over Ear vs On Ear Headphones – What’s the Difference?

By Tim Rhodes

I can see your potentially confused expression as you ask yourself what on earth the difference could be. After all, don’t all headphones sit over your ears? I asked the same question when tasked with this particular set of research, and what I found what both surprising and interesting. There are actually quite a few […]

What’s The Difference Between Outdoor & Indoor Speakers ?

By Tim Rhodes

Planning your summer parties already? Looking to get the best tech for your next garden celebration, or do you just want to know if an indoor speaker is going to be right for your bad weather gatherings? Whatever you want to know about indoor and outdoor speakers, this handy guide has all the answers you […]

Speakers vs Soundbar – What’s the Difference?

By Tim Rhodes

When you see these two words together, it probably leaves you wondering what we could possibly mean when we ask what the difference between the two is. After all, they are exactly the same right? The short answer is no, and there are quite a few areas where they differ from each other. So, before […]

How to Find Your Car Radio Code – Detailed Advice Guide

By Tim Rhodes

The radio code is something that not everyone knows about, and many car owners don’t even know that it exists. While it is more relevant for older cars, it is still important to know about so that if you ever end up getting locked out of your radio, you know exactly what to do. In […]

5 Savvy Tips in Installing Dash Cam in Your Car

By Tim Rhodes

Dash cams come in handy and cover a number of purposes. They can help you keep records of your drive through the countryside or serve as witnesses when there are incidents of a car crash or even reporting a storm. Unlike other cameras, the dash cam is built to always take records of events the […]

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