7 Steps to Build a Good Sound System for Your Car (and Install it)

7 Steps to Build a Good Sound System for Car (and Install it)

There’s a lot to be said for constructing your own sound system for your car. It can be a lot of fun, can help to increase your technical skills, and then there is the sense of satisfaction that comes with the finished product.

If you want to try making a sound system out for yourself, we have a great guide right here with seven easy steps to building an excellent one. We even give a little advice on the installation process to finish things off. Take a look, see what you think of it all. 

The Components to Think About 

Before you get started, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself so that you have a clear idea of what you want, need, and already have. Take a look at our handy list below:

  • What kind of sound system do you have at the moment? 
  • What do you want it to do now that it doesn’t do at the moment? 
  • What kind of speakers do you want? 
  • check
    What kind of subwoofers and amplifiers do you want?
  • What about the head unit and receivers?
  • Are all of your choices compatible with your vehicle? 

Once you have answered these questions and had a good think about them, you can move onto the next step – actually building the system and getting it working. 

Building the Sound System

Now, it’s time for the fun part. Below, you will find seven simple steps to manufacturing your own sound system for your vehicle, and we know you are going to have an absolute blast putting this piece of kit together.

So, settle down, grab a cup of coffee, and prepare for some serious fun. 

#1 Getting Things Together 

Before you do anything else, you need to get your tools together and figure out exactly what you need in order to start on the project.

This is the part where you really take some time to think about the kind of sound system you are interested in, and the kind of power you want it to have.

Are you someone who enjoys a deep and heavy bass, or are you more interested in the overall quality? Once you have an idea of what you are going to build, that’s when you can start the building process. 

#2 Choosing the Right Speakers 

First, you need to make sure you have the speakers you want as these are the centre of your sound system, with all the other components merely acting as supports.

You should always take the time to research speakers before you buy so that you know you are getting something good, and these are a few of the things you should look for when you go to buy:

  • The materials they are made from 
  • The power handling 
  • The RMS sensitivity 
  • check
    The frequency ranges 
  • The Impedance 

The mounting location within your vehicle is also a determining factor because it will let you know if you should go for full-range speakers or the smaller 6.5 units.

After all, you need to make sure that the system is going to fit in your car. Other than that, it’s just a case of finding the perfect balance between clarity, sharpness, depth, and overall performance. 

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#3 Picking the Receiver 

This is probably one of the most fun and exciting parts of building your sound system. You need a good head unit, and there is so much to take into consideration when you are picking one out. To give you an idea, we have listed some of them below for you:

  • Bluetooth 
  • Satellite radio 
  • DAB radio 
  • check
    Steering wheel controls 
  • AUX and USB 
  • Customisable display 

These seemingly simple functions can make or break a good sound system, and if you want the best, then these are things you need to think about implementing.

Of course, you need to make sure the head unit you want is actually going to fit in your car, but once that is sorted, it is smooth sailing from that point onwards. 

#4 Choosing the Component Speakers

These consist of things like tweeters, which work to enhance and improve the quality of the sound being played.

You would be surprised by how much of a difference they can make, so you should research them carefully before you buy. Installing these is also a more complicated task, so extra care must be taken when you put everything together. 

#5 The Multiple Channel Amplifier 

With this, it will need to be external so that you can have the freedom to add additional components as you go – making your sound system one that is truly customisable.

If you get one with multiple channels, it is a lot more flexible to use when compared to standard factory models.

There are various channel variations, but the more, the better, and you will usually find that five is the best number to go for as it will let you power the ensure sound system without issue. 

#6 Picking the Sub-Woofer 

This is where the bass comes in, and it is at this point that you can select the perfect subwoofer to give you back all of the gorgeous sounds you have been missing out on.

There are so many subwoofers available on the market, so make sure you take the following points into consideration before you buy:

  • Frequency range 
  • RMS power handling 
  • Size and type 
  • check
    Sensitivity (sound)
  • Rating
  • Impedance 
  • Load

#7 The Sub Box: Build or Buy? 

This is a hotly debated topic, as there are so many arguments for each side. The thing is, you should never install a subwoofer into the wrong enclosure as it will massively affect its overall performance.

If you build your own box, make sure it has the right dimensions, otherwise, it is entirely pointless. Otherwise, pick one up from a reputable dealer, just don’t try to shove it into the wrong box. 

Installing the Car Stereo 

The process of installing a new car stereo is only for experts, as it is actually quite tricky a lot of the time and it involves a lot of tools and work to get it right. Plus, if you don’t do things correctly, it could end up damaging your new system or even the car.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that you take it to an expert to get it installed – to save both you and your car potential pain and heartache at the end of it all. This is especially true when it comes to the wiring as it is very easy for it to become confusing and difficult. 

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To Conclude 

Now that you have all of the tools and advice to get started, building your own system can be pretty simple, but the installation is where many find themselves a little stuck. We advise professional help for that aspect, but the rest of it can be done with your two hands.

All you need is a little time and patience to get it all done. If you followed our steps to sound system success, please let us know how we did and your thoughts on it. We love hearing from you! 

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