Best Mini HiFi System Under £200 – Big Sounds for a Small Price

Buyers Guide: Best Mini Hifi System Under £200 (UK) 2017


Whether you want to listen to some tunes while you go about your daily tasks in the home, or you are hosting a party and need something to play some cool background music, a mini HiFi system generally has what it takes to provide you with everything you need.

Delivering a superb quality of sound that will leave everyone enjoying the music.

To help you find the best mini HiFi system under £200, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant reviews in one place, making things that much easier for you.

Have a look below and see if one of the models we have chosen is going to make your next party one to remember.

Best Mini Hifi System Under £200 (In Order)

Sony CMT-SBT20 Compact Hi-Fi System

Sony is the king of tech, and most people would be inclined to agree with you.

Therefore, you can’t go wrong with one of their compact systems. Have a look at the reviews below to see if this is what you need for your home.

The Good
This system has a sleek and modern design that will allow it to fit in with any room, all while not taking up too much space thanks to its compact build. 

It also allows separate placement for wide stereo separation. Plus, it has an integrated FM radio tuner, so you can use it for more than just streaming tunes.

It features a one-touch connection for wireless playback via Bluetooth, so you can listen to all of your favourite songs with ease both indoors and outside. There is even CD playback and a USB port so that no song has to be missed out. The sound quality is also superb, providing you with clear audio.

The Not So Good
The FM and DAB tuning process can be a little slow.

Our View
This affordable mini HiFi system comes from a leading brand at an amazing price. Packed full of additional features, your parties will never quite be the same again with one of these playing music in the background.

While there have been a couple of issues with the tuning process, patience is the solution, and the outcome is worth it. Overall, it is a fantastic system, and a brilliant start to our selection.

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Q: Does it have a aux cord /usb out put?

A: No,  just USB input 

Q: What is the height of an individual speaker?

A: 15 cm 

Panasonic SC-PM250BEBS DAB Micro Hi-Fi System

Another leading brand, Panasonic is a name that you can trust. Manufacturing high-quality electronics is what they do, so you know you are getting something reliable.

Have a look at the reviews below to see if this is the model you have been searching for.

The Good
This model has a modern design that will fit in with the aesthetics of any home, but can also benefit from speaker separation if placement changes need to be made. 

It allows you to stream your music wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection with your mobile device, so you can listen to all of your favourite bands.

It features a rich bass and clear sound for a premium listening experience, but also uses low amounts of energy. This not only saves money on your monthly bills, but is also beneficial to the planet.

With DAB radio and smart networking, it has a range of features that are sure to leave you feeling impressed and intrigued.

The Not So Good
Some have noted that the DAB radio is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to set up due to a lack of signal from the aerial.

Our View
Another brilliantly affordable model, this mini HiFi system has a lot to offer for a low price that can work with just about any budget. While there have been a few notable issues with the DAB radio, it is possible to get help from customer support if you come across these problems.

Other than this, there are only good things to say about this little device, and the sheer power that it offers. A great buy that you are sure to be happy with for many gatherings to come.

Pioneer X-CM56D-W Hi-Fi System

Pioneer is a well-known brand in the technology and home electronics industry.

Known for their good quality products and reliability, they are often a popular choice.

This mini HiFi system they have produced could be perfect for you. Have a look below and see if we are right about this one.

The Good
This model has a rustic wooden design that can still match the theme of any home.

However, it will look perfect in the ones that have gone for a more classic look. The design is also flexible, allowing for the speakers to be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on what it is you want. it also comes with a matching remote for easier control.

The sound quality is excellent, with a Class D amplifier and a 30W power output. It features controls for the bass and treble, allowing you to adjust your music so that it is perfect for you.

A CD player is also included for the old tunes you haven’t quite made digital yet, and there is a radio tuner for when you feel like listening to something a little different.

The Not So Good
The power cord is very short, which can make it tricky for homes with few electrical sockets.

Our View
This mini HiFi system comes at a reasonable price that is still well under the £200 budget, so you should be able to fit this into your pricing. It comes with a stylish design and a range of great features that are sure to make both your alone time and parties that much more exciting and memorable.

While the power cord is short, there are a number of options to resolve that, and the quality of the sound is well worth sacrificing a little cable length.

Further Models of Mini HiFi System

Here are some further models of mini HiFi system, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Denon RCDM40DAB Micro Component CD Receiver

This nifty and affordable system has a modern design that will slot into homes of any size without taking up too much space.

The sound quality is superb, providing you with a fantastic listening experience that has been engineered with award winning quality.

It allows you to fully customise the sound, and also has a low gravity CD mechanism to reduce vibrations. Made to minimise distortion, it’s a system that you won’t regret.

Philips FX10/12 Mini Hi-Fi System

This stylish model from leading brand Phillips has been designed to allow your stream music from your mobile device using a Bluetooth connection.

It also provides you with a superb quality of sound so that you can enjoy your favourite tunes at any time.

Plus, it can connect to your TV or sound system for an added boost, and comes with a number of settings that makes your experience a more enjoyable one. All of this and more comes at a very good price, too.

To Conclude

Hopefully, we have been able to help you find the best mini HiFi system under £200, and one that fits in perfectly with your home.

Whether you want something that truly understands the importance of bass, or a model that delivers a balanced tone, there is something here that will pique your interest.

Plus, with a wide variety of prices, we are sure one of the models we have selected will match your budget.

Quality is the most important thing to us, and you can rest assured that each of the models we have picked is not only fantastic quality, but also great value for money.

What did you think of our mini HiFi system guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. 

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