What’s the Best Hands-Free Car Kit for the Money

What's the Best Hands Free Car Kit: Hands Free Car Kit Review

It is important that you never use your phone while you are driving because it can distract you and lead to serious road accidents. It can be hard to resist that all important phone call when you are on the road, and that is where hands-free systems come in handy.

They simply plug into your car, and you can take a call without becoming distracted from the task at hand – driving. Of course, we would like to remind you that if your hands-free system is not plugged in, make sure you pull over in order to answer the call.

To help you find the best hands-free car kit, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant hands-free car kit reviews in one place, making things that much easier for you. Have a look below and see if one of these is going to be right for you.

Types of Car Kit

There are only two main types of hands-free car kit that you can purchase, and alongside going through these, we will also talk about some of the options you might want to consider when you go to purchase one.

An installed Bluetooth car kit needs to be professionally installed into your car, and it is usually embedded somewhere in the dashboard, but it also tends to be in a place that is out of sight so as not to alter the aesthetics of the car.

It can usually be activated by a button, making it very easy to start up before you head off on your journey. They do tend to be the most expensive option due to the additional cost of installation, but they are a good permanent solution.

Portable Bluetooth car kits are probably the most popular option due to their lower price and also the fact that they do not need to be installed. Usually, they clip onto the sun visor, or another discreet area, or they may have a holster that plugs into the power source in your car.

Either way, they are easy to plug in before you go, and can be activated with no hassle. Usually, they feature a mic and speaker for clear and easy communication.

Battery life is one of the features that you will want to consider before you purchase a Bluetooth car kit. A long battery life is ideal for big journeys, but also means that it does not have to be charged regularly – so it can keep going for longer.

Talk to text features are great for those who cannot resist responding to important emails and text messages while they are driving. All you need to do is speak, and the microphone will record the text or email until you are ready to send it (which you can also do with your voice).

A double microphone can help to focus the sound and cancel out background noises like the road or wind while you are talking. It provides the person you are speaking to with a clearer audio, so they can understand you and better communicate. This works much better than the traditional single microphone. 

How They Work

Whether you are having your kit installed or are using one that just plugs into your car, the way they work is actually very simple. Once you are ready to get things up and running, all you will need to do is pair your phone with the kit.

This means that your phone and the hands-free car kit will send out signals to try and find each other. Once they day, they will become paired, which means you can start using your new kit with your phone.

Now that your devices are paired, they will automatically connect once you enter the car and turn everything on – making things much easier in the future.

You won’t even need to touch your phone, as the hands-free kit is the only thing that will need to be turned on. Of course, as with all technology, make sure you refer to the instruction manual that comes with your kit before you get started.

Now that you know everything you need, take a look at the hands-free car kit reviews below and see if one of these is your perfect match. 

Best Hands Free Care Kit - Comparison Table

Best Bluetooth Earpiece – Mpow

A Bluetooth earpiece is often the best way to go, especially since they tend to be discreet and out of the way.

This model from Mpow offers everything you need and could just be what you were looking for. Have a look at the reviews below and see if this piece of kit is right for you.

The Good
This Bluetooth earpiece features a professional style that will leave you looking smart and business-like when you are wearing it.

Additionally, it has a comfortable design that can fit either ear, and it is lightweight, so you will barely notice it’s there.

It features excellent sound quality, so the voice you hear will be crisp and clear, allowing you to get through the most important phone calls.

You can connect two devices simultaneously, which is perfect for those who have separate phones for business and their personal life. Plus, the battery life is fantastic, providing you with up to six hours of constant chat, and only taking two hours to charge.

The Not So Good
Some customers would have liked the device to have a better range.

Our View
This Bluetooth earpiece comes at a budget price that can slot into any price range. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot, but still want a device that can deliver a clear call and has a superb battery life.

While the range is not as good as other devices, for the price, this one really does live up to expectations. A great choice at a great price.



Q: Can you charge it from the mains uk electricy wall socket?

A: Yes you can charge your Earpiece from a wall socket , you get a short USB Lead supplied with Earpiece, you just need to get a Plug that is compatible, with the lead, or if you have a PC/LAPTOP, you can charge it up from them.

Best Headset – Plantronics

Plantronics is a well-known brand that is able to deliver a brilliant Bluetooth headset for use in your car.

Known for their electronics, this a model that will not leave you feeling disappointed. Take a look below and see if this could be the right choice for you.

The Good
This Bluetooth headset has a sleek and stylish design that is not only discreet, but also has a professional appearance, so you can still look good while taking those important business calls. 

Designed to fit comfortably when attached to either ear, you won’t find yourself aching after wearing this lightweight model for a while. It features noise reduction features, allowing you to hear the person you are talking to clearly, but also making you easier to understand as the background noise is greatly reduced.

You can also use it to listen to your music and the directions from your GPS, making it multifunctional. It even has a voice alert to let you know when the battery is running low and the connection status.

The Not So Good
Some have found the ear clasp can be a little flimsy. There have also been a couple of issues with the noise reduction not working with noisier engines.

Our View
This affordable headset for cars comes at a very reasonable price that can fit into just about any budget, which is perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money.

While there have been a couple of issues with the ear connection and the noise reduction not being as capable in vehicles with noisy engines, this is still a great model that not only offers some brilliant additional features, but also a good quality build.

Best Bluetooth Adapter – VicTsing

If you are looking for a Bluetooth adapter, then look no further than this model from VicTsing.

Doubling up as a transmitter, it has everything you need. Read below to see if this is what you have been looking for to use in your car.

The Good
This adapter features a large screen that will show you incoming calls, the voltage level of the car battery, the volume, FM frequency, and the name of the song you are playing at the time. It’s easy to read at all times of day, and it is incredibly easy to set up and get started.

It features a USB charging port that will get the battery up to full in record speed, so you won’t need to wait forever.

The high stereo sound means that you not only get great quality music, but you can also enjoy crystal clear phone calls when you are on the move. It even has noise cancellation to make things easier.

The Not So Good
It does not work with the radio, and does not have a shuffle button for music.

Our View
This cheap adapter comes at a budget price that won’t break the bank and will leave you with the device that you needed.

While it doesn’t work with the radio and there is no shuffle button when you are listening to music, it more than makes up for it with the additional feature it has and the crisp sound that you are left with. All in all, it really does make a great and affordable choice.

Best iPhone Car Kit – Avantree

Avantree is a good brand to go for when you are looking for small electronics, and this little Bluetooth cark kit is perfect for connecting up to your iPhone so that you can take calls and listen to music accordingly.

Have a look and see if this model is what you have been looking for.

The Good
This Bluetooth car kit is able to connect with two phone simultaneously, so if you have a business and personal phone, you never have to worry about missing a call again. 

Thanks to the echo and background noise reduction features, the people you are talking to will be able to hear you clearer than ever before. This model is able to provide you with up to 22 hours of talk time, and 216 hours’ worth of standby time.

The rechargeable battery is made by Nokia, so you know it’s going to be hardwearing and charge quickly. Plus, it is really easy to setup and get started, not to mention it will look good in your car.

The Not So Good
It can be a little quiet, and it not suitable for use in trucks.

Our View
This Bluetooth car kit for iPhone comes at a very reasonable price, and one that can slot comfortably into most budgets. While there have been a couple of niggles with things like the volume and its suitability for truck use, it still offers a lot of power considering the price.

With a sleek design and a range of great additional feature, it is a good option to go for if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Best Motorbike Bluetooth Headset – Scala

Even bikers need hands-free sometimes, and top brand Scala is here to provide just that. Perfect for bikers everywhere, this model could be exactly what you need when you are on a trip or just trying to get to work. Have a look and see for yourself.

The Good
This Bluetooth earpiece for motorcycles will sit comfortably but securely on either ear, depending which one works best for you. 

With a stylish design, it will always look good too, fitting in perfectly with both you and your bike’s aesthetics. It can also connect to multiple phones simultaneously, which is perfect for those who have one for business and another for personal calls.

They even have a special link feature, so a passenger who is wearing one can benefit from an intercom system for better communication, and you can even listen to the same music seamlessly.

The radio has been built into it, and software updates are available via your computer. Plus, it fits with virtually every helmet on the market.

The Not So Good
Some customers have found it complicated to activate and set up, and others have noted that the price is quite high.

Our View
This is the most expensive kit that we have featured in this guide, but it is able to do so much considering it is such a small device. While there have been a couple of issues with setting it up, as some feel it can be a little complex, once you have it up and running you will be amazed by just how versatile this model it. A truly exceptional piece of biking gear.

Further Models of Wireless Doorbell

Here are some further models of hands-free car kits, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Motorola HK255 Bluetooth Headset

This hands-free car kit has been manufactured by leading brand Motorola, so you know you are getting something reliable. Made to be lightweight, it sits comfortably on your ear, so you can use it anywhere, and you will barely notice that you are wearing it.

It features up to eight hours of talk time, ten hours on standby, and a 300ft range for good measure. Plus, it comes at a really good price that you will not want to miss.

Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth Car Kit

This advanced Bluetooth car kit has a sleek design that will sit comfortably in your car without ruining the overall look.

It is able to receive phone calls without you needing to touch your phone, and even features voice control so that you can get things done without distraction.

Plus, the whole system is really easy to set up, so you will be ready to go in no time at all. With the laws coming down on using phones while driving, this is a necessary piece of kit that comes at a reasonable price.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the perfect car kit for you. It is important that you are not distracted when you need to take a call on the road, and this is why hands-free kits are so important.

In this guide, there are so many different models to choose from that it is difficult to choose the best hands-free car kit on the market. However, we are sure that at least one of the ones we have provided will suit your needs. With a range of prices and functions covered, you are sure to find exactly what you were looking for here.

What did you think of our hands-free guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended?

We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below. 

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