Roberts Stream 93i DAB Radio Review


Roberts is a brand that many people trust, and one that we know to be incredibly trustworthy and reliable. They have manufactured a host of home electronics and appliances, including radios and audio devices. Internet radios are fast becoming a popular choice for many, and I wanted to get in on the action, which is why I decided this would be the perfect model to review.

The Roberts Stream 93i has actually won a few awards for the best radio between £100 and £200, which should tell you a lot about the quality you should expect from it. It has every station you could want and need, including access to international ones by using a strong wifi connection. It’s got a whole load of features just waiting to be explored, and it is a radio that I have thoroughly enjoyed using and fiddling with.

Of course, you can’t just take my praise from this little introduction and decide to stick with them, especially when there is a detailed and extensive review of this radio below. Sit back, take a break from your busy schedule, and see if this Roberts Stream 93i review is going to leave you picking up your next internet radio. 


Product Name

Roberts Stream 93i

Product Type

DAB/internet radio




Internet radios are an exciting and popular piece of technology to have in your home, and this model from Roberts really brings the magic back to the concept of a classic radio. With an abundance of internet and regular stations alike, you’ll never miss another radio show again. 

  • Internet Radio: Yes
  • Guarantee: 1 year
  • Presets: 120
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Dimensions: 240x205x130mm
  • Power: 100-240v

Presenting the Roberts Stream 93i

The Roberts Stream 93i is a classic, well-designed, and superb radio. It’s one of the most interesting and reliable products that I have used from Roberts, and that says a lot considering how much they manufacture. It is a radio that lived up to my expectations, but also exceeded them in other areas, and I was not disappointed by the overall performance.

The only situation where a Roberts Stream 93i might not suit you is if you want something that has Bluetooth capabilities. While you can buy adapters and other add-ons, not everyone wants to, and for those in search of something that has it all, the rest of the radio range from Roberts might be a better choice. 

Expert Tip

If your WiFi connection is a little slow and restarting the router hasn’t helped too much, try plugging your internet radio in directly using an Ethernet cable. This is a direct link to the router and often provides a more stable connection that could even improve the speed. 

Features and Benefits 

Power and Design

I’ll be honest and say that I have seen better looking radios, but I did quite like the overall design of this one. I chose black because it blends in better with my home, but there are also white models available if that is more suited to you. It’s chunky, but in a good way, and it certainly helps when it comes to ensuring that everything is easy to access.

The LCD screen in the centre of the top half of the radio is really clear, with large icons and bold writing when it comes to setting everything up. You can see it all clearly, and the brightness is also good, ensuring that it’s not so bright you end up being disturbed from sleep by it.

On a related note, setting the radio up is very easy as well thanks to the Wizard program that appears on the display when you turn it on for the first time. It holds your hand the whole way through, and even if you do get a bit lost there is a comprehensive and informative instruction manual to look at too. 


The controls are also on the front of the top half of the radio, with the bottom half being reserved for the powerful speaker (something we look at a little later). They are easy to access and nicely balanced for ease of use. The controls are also clearly labelled and nicely spaced so that you always know what you are about to press.

It also comes with a remote control so that you can make adjustments from a distance, or there is a smartphone app that you can hook up for controlling purposes. Sadly, there is no Bluetooth with this model, but you can pick up an adapter for it separately if you want to.
It has both wired and wireless access in order to connect to the internet, which means you can use an ethernet cable or just hook it up to wi-fi when you want to start listening to the internet radio stations. All of the slots and the ethernet connection are neatly placed on the back of the radio, ensuring a tidy appearance when it is all hooked up.

The Roberts Stream 93i has all of the standard features you would expect as well, including a USB port where you can plug in a memory stick and listen to the music you love straight from it. There is also a headphone jack for private listening when you just need some time to yourself, and an AUX cable for slightly older connections.

If you want to take it with you somewhere else, it does come with a handle that has been built into it to make things easier for you. Unfortunately, the radio is mains powered, but you do have the option to purchase a battery pack from Roberts if you want to turn it into a more versatile and travel friendly radio. They don’t cost a massive amount either, so it’s certainly worth it.

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Safety Tip 

Never place a glass of water (or another drink) next to the alarm clock before you go to sleep. If you knock it in the night, it could break the clock or cause an electrical fire. If you need a drink next to you at night, put it on the far side of the end table so that it is as far away as possible from the device. 

Alarm Functionality

There are multiple alarms included, even a kitchen timer if you like to listen to the radio while you cook. You can choose between waking up to a classic buzzer alarm, or having your favourite radio station pay instead – it’s all about what works best for you. The alarms are really easy to set as well, taking some of the hassle out for you.

A snooze button and sleep timer are also included, something that is always important to have. You can hit the snooze button for a few extra minutes in bed every morning, and the sleep timer is there to put your radio in standby after an allotted amount of time – saving energy and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep.

The radio will also adjust the time automatically when the clocks change, so you don’t need to worry about being an hour behind or ahead when the time comes. It leads to restful sleeping and a lot less stress when you know things are taken care of.

Signal and Station Access

With the Roberts Stream 93i, you have access to DAB, DAB+, and FM radio stations as well as the internet radio, which is host to well over 20,000 different wavelengths for you to access at your leisure. This gives you a really diverse listening experience with stations from all over the world, so you will always be able to listen to the shows you love. On the regular radio stations, the signal is excellent as well, which is always a plus.

There are also 120 presets included with this model, so you will be able to save all of your top stations (and more). There are five presets that can be accessed using the main controls for easy switching, with the rest accessible using the menu on the LCD display. Either way, they all remain very easy to get to and jump between.

Did You Know

You don’t need Bluetooth to connect your phone to this radio, you can use the WiFi instead. As long as they are both connected to the same network, you won’t have any issues with getting these two devices linked together. Don’t forget that there are plenty of add-ons for this model that you can pick up as well. 

You also get the chance to connect Spotify Connect to the Roberts Stream 93i using the internet, which gives you the chance to stream music directly from your playlists to the radio – ideal for gatherings and when you just want a little time with your top tracks. The sound quality is a little poorer than when using the radio, but this is down to Spotify Connect and not the radio. As a little plus, you can also connect your computer up for quick music streaming.

The sound quality is superb, and I really mean it when I say this. It has a clear midrange that is perfect for voice radio as well as music, but the bass is equally excellent in terms of depth and smoothness – but all without damaging the overall quality of the music being played. The treble is bright without being sharp, and you can tell that the subwoofer at the back is really working.


Weight and Handling

The overall weight is very light, while also remaining substantial, so it won’t weigh you down, but it is certainly not delicate either. It fits nicely in most places, including your bedside table, thanks to its compact size, and the handle on the top really does improve the handling.

If you knock it, it won’t immediately fall over, and the robust design means that it suits pretty much any situation. 

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of internet radio for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to the Roberts Stream 93i.


This internet radio has access to every station you could want, as well as easy streaming from the internet whenever it is connected to WiFi – with over 10,000 internet stations.

It’s a good size, and also comes in fantastic colours for you to choose from. There are a number of presets to use, and you can even stream Spotify. Plus, it comes at a reasonable price.


Another model from top brand Roberts, this is the ideal one to have if you are in need of a portable internet radio to keep you going. It features DAB, DAB+, and FM wavelengths in addition to the internet stations that you can stream.

It can connect up to Spotify for easy streaming, and also has 120 presets for you to enjoy. There is even a nifty loop to attach it to your belt or your rucksack.


This is another great brand to go with, and the design of this model is fantastic – just like the price. It has thousands of stations to access as well as 250 presets, making it one of the best internet radios around.

The sound quality is great, and it comes with a remote control so that you can make adjustments from a distance. There is even Bluetooth for direct streaming from your devices.

To Conclude

We hope that you have found this Roberts Stream 93i review helpful, and that the information we provided has helped you when it comes to making a decision as to whether or not this is going to be the right internet radio for you. Of course, the only downside to it is that it doesn’t come with any Bluetooth capabilities, which does take away from the versatility a little.

There are loads of great features that this model of internet radio offers as well though, including 120 presets and the ability to hook up to Spotify Connect so that you never have to be without your favourite tunes. The design is brilliant, with loads of controls that are easy to read and nicely spaced, as well as a remote so that you can make adjustments from a distance. Everything comes together really nicely with this model, bringing you a radio that might not be the prettiest, but certainly can deliver more than most others on the market. I give it a solid, and highly impressed, thumbs up.

What did you think of our Roberts Stream 93i review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the radio we reviewed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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