Discover The Best Bookshelf Speakers Under £500

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As technology has advanced several leaps and bounds, the way people listen to and enjoy the music has evolved. Suffice to say, those old

Walkman devices are all but extinct, at this point. Instead, music lovers are relying on much higher tech devices and technology to stream their music.

This should be noted, when attempting to install a home audio system. What speakers are the most efficient for the bookshelf? Corded or cordless? Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

Each is important questions that need to be answered and there are many more to explore. Below, you will find information that can guide you in the right direction.

What to Look For

  • When attempting to purchase speakers for your bookshelf, there are several different elements that should be explored. Although price is unfortunately going to become a factor for many individuals, it is not one that should be used solely. Remember that splurging will provide better quality speakers, so it is essential to find a middle ground and stick with it! Below, you will be able to discover other aspects that should be considered.
  • Power Rating – Although one would believe power range to be exceptionally important, it is not. In fact, the numbers are often colluded by the manufacturers, which makes them unreliable and meaningless. Since the power is supposed to tell you the exact amount of power the speaker can withstand, you should make sure to get a higher rated speaker. Be careful though, because RMS numbers are often misrepresented or done so in different manners by different manufacturers.
  • SNR – The SNR, or signal-to-noise ratio, is imperative, when shopping for bookshelf speakers. This specific figure will help you determine the amount of overall clarity of the sound and the amount of signal that will be corrupted. A higher number here will result in reduced background noise.
  • Harmonic Distortion – Although an amplifier is capable of increasing the volume levels, it can also diminish the sound’s quality. By looking at the speaker’s THD level, you will be able to determine how much the sound will be depreciated, at higher volumes. Be sure to choose speakers that are 1% or lower.
  • Speaker Range – Speaker range is much more important than power. If the world was perfect, you would be able to get a speaker, with a range of 20Hz to 20,000Hz, but this usually isn’t possible. Take note that the different types of systems are far less impactful. For instance, 2-way and 3-way speakers won’t make that much of a difference. Instead, try to get speakers with the aforementioned range.
  • Speaker Enclosure Material – The material, which is used to wrap the speaker enclosure, is vital! If it isn’t high quality, it will produce very poor sound quality. This is especially important, when selecting bass drivers!
  • Size and Shape – Since you desire to place the speakers on your shelf, you should take the time to examine the size and shape. Be sure that their design will allow them to sit on the allotted spot, without trouble.
  • Cables – When selecting your speakers, you should also take note of the connector cables! These cables and connections are very impactful. It is typically best to chooser a heavier cable, or lower gauge, because these cables have less electrical resistance. This ensures that the audio is altered and changed less. You can also match your wire’s ohm ratings to the rating of the speakers that you select.
  • Reading Reviews – When attempting to purchase your speakers online, you’re going to need to work harder to get the right speakers. Reading customer reviews is extremely helpful! Remember that the most important factor of the speakers is how they actually perform and the sound that they actually produce. Therefore, you should take the time to read as many customer reviews as possible, before making your choice.
  • Design and Appearance – Although this is a little less impactful, the design of the speakers should be considered. Make sure that they’ll look great inside of your home. You don’t want them to distract attention away from the movie or song that you’re enjoying, after all! Although one would believe that speakers under £500 wouldn’t be sufficient for home use, this isn’t the case! There are some brilliant speakers under that price tag. Below, you will find a breakdown of some of these!

Top Rated Studio Bookshelf Speakers


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Klipsch RB-51

Under £280



Under £350


KEF Logo
Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi Speakers Review

Under £400


bowers and wilkins-logo
Audioengine A5+ Powered Multimedia Speakers

Under £350


AudioEngine Logo
Dali Zensor 1 Light Walnut

Under £200


Dali Logo

Klipsch RB-51 Review

If you’re looking for bookshelf speakers that are capable of fitting a small or medium room, you should look no further than the Klipsch.

Despite their small stature, these speakers are capable of delivering a bold, lifelike performance.

Surprisingly enough, the speakers are well under £500 and should fit your budget easily!

Also, the speakers play very loud and do so, without much distortion. In this regard, they’re much better than the competition.

The overall dimensions are 12.5x7x8.11 inches. With these, you can guarantee that these speakers will fit your bookshelf or allotted area, without trouble.

The internal speakers are actually a 1” aluminum tweeter and a 5.25 output woofer.

The speakers are manufactured in a way that makes them very efficient, which means you’ll need less energy to power them. Below, you will find the overall specifications for these speakers.

  • Surround Type Speaker
  • Frequency Range – 62Hz to 23Khz with 3dB
  • Impedance of 8
  • Crossover – 1800Hz
  • RMS Power – 85 watts

With these specifications, you will be able to guarantee that these speakers will sound great and work wonderfully.

They’re small enough to be bookshelf speakers, but bold enough to work as surround speakers. Although these speakers might not product a lot of bass, they’re still wonderful and well worth looking into further.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"These are the speakers you're looking for" -By ColinPMyers
"Big sound from a small package"  - By Node 11

KEF Q300B Review

The KEF Q300B are a little more expensive than the ones mentioned above, but this doesn’t mean that they’re better, because they’re not. By looking at the craftsmanship, you can see that the speakers are very well made and it is obvious that a lot of craftsmanship has been put into them.

Despite the somewhat low price, these bookshelf speakers product excellent sound! 

The speakers are absolutely beautiful and they’re available in an assortment of different styles, including Black Ash, Cherry, Rosewood, White and American Walnut.

This ensures you will be able to find the right style to match your interior design. Below, you will be able to find the specifications of these speakers.

  • Frequency Response – 42Hz – 40kHz
  • Crossover – 2.5kHz
  • Sensitivity 87dB
  • Impedance of 8

Take note that these speakers do not require an electrical source. The speakers come with black grills, but you’ll need to get the amplifier separately.​

Overall, the speakers should be sufficient for most individuals. They sound great and the price is will under £500.

Although these speakers are excellent, produce good quality and are aesthetically pleasing, they’re not without flaws. They’re somewhat shaky, when it comes to higher frequencies.

The speakers are fairly lightweight and can easily be mounted to your wall. At the end of the day, these speakers are superbly built, easy to install and well worth the overall cost. They would make a wonderful addition to any home audio system.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Buy 'em. Love 'em. Be glad" - By Tony Kindred
"Great midrange"  - By S Palmer

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Hi-Fi Speakers Review

​If you are a musical fanatic, the sound quality is very important. You should definitely consider the Bowers & Wilkins speakers, because they are equipped with bass, mid-range, and treble drivers, which is suitable for all music genres.

The digital signal processing feature offers constant bass adjustments, which will balance the sound perfectly.

These speakers are also very aesthetically appealing and will be a great addition to your home décor.

The craftsmanship detailed in the MM-1 cannot be denied, so they will surely look beautiful on your computer or television table top.

  • 6.7” H x 4” D x 4” W
  • Superior design
  • Power output 4 watts x 18 watts
  • Free software upgrades
  • 2-year limited warranty

The great benefit that you will receive with the Bowers and Wilkins is they offer convenience, because they are operated with a remote control.

You can sit in your recliner and control the volume, without having to arise from your chair. The 2.0 USB port and 3.5 mm jack will offer much diversity, since it offers capability with personal computers, even the Macintosh.

The MM-1 is also compatible with other devices that are equipped with the 3.5mm jack. If you are looking for a high-quality sound system, look no further than the Bowers & Wilkins MM-1.

You will have unlimited audio streaming directly from your personal computer and mobile devices.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Like nothing you've ever experienced before- By TariTV
"Phenomenal."  - By Gabriel Smith

Audioengine A5+ Powered Multimedia Speakers

When attempting to purchase an excellent pair of speakers, you will want to look at a number of different characteristics.

You should take your time to examine the exterior design. Will the speakers mesh together well with your home’s interior?

The good news is that the Audioengine A5+ Powered Multimedia Speakers are absolutely beautiful and will look great in almost any home! 

They’re available in three stylish color schemes, including bamboo, black and white. Each speaker measures in at 23 by 18 by 27 cm and they weigh just 10kg.

These speakers feature built-in power amplifiers and are compatible with a handful of different streaming devices, including all computers, iPhones and any product, which has mini-jack or RCA outputs.

When you purchase this speaker set, you will also receive all of the necessary cables, which will save you trouble and money.

For easier control, the speakers are fitted with a volume control, which is found on the front. More features can be found below.


  • Can easily be connected to various devices
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone and any computer
  • Comes with mini-jack and RCA audio inputs
  • MDF wood cabinets are beautiful and built to last a lifetime
  • Gold-plated connectors deliver a secure connection
  • Available in 3 beautiful styles


  • A little expensive

Although these speakers are somewhat costly, they’re well worth it. They’re beautiful, durable and can deliver an astounding audio quality.


Q: Do these have Bluetooth connectivity?

A: No 

Q: Can these speaker be wired up to my hifi amplifier?

A: No point really. They are self-powered with their own amplification.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"SVS Ultra Bookshelfs Prove Good Things Can Come In Small Packages- By Hi-Fi Guy

Dali Zensor 1 Light Walnut

Are you searching for an external speaker that is affordable, but emits a clear, crisp sound?

If so, you should look no further than the Dali Zensor 1. This speaker is designed with walnut wood, which will envelop perfectly into any preexisting home décor.

This speaker set will definitely be a great addition to your home sound system.

The Dali is equipped with a wood fiber woofer that produces a bass without distortion, even when the volume is turn up to the maximum level. 

The Zensor 1 speakers are very compact in size, so they will not require a lot of space, which more suitable for those that live in a confined space.

The position will play a huge role in how well the Dali Zensor speakers will perform. You should never place them near walls or corners, because this can potentially drive down the sound quality drastically.

Just experiment with the position to see what kind of sound output you can achieve.


  • Beautiful solid walnut finish
  • Provides full-bodied mid’s and natural highs
  • Very affordable
  • Equipped with a high-quality wood fiber bass woofer


  • Wired speakers, so the installation process is a little tedious

Overall, you will not beat the Dali Zensor 1 is price, style, and quality. This is definitely one of the best speaker brands on today’s market.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Amazing sound, fantastic clarity, huge speakers!" - By Tony G
"Made for large listening spaces!"  - By C Horan


It is wise, when searching for the best bookshelf speakers to look more in-depth at the components and features of each device.

Familiarize yourself on these parts, so you will know exactly what type of speaker will suit your needs and preferences. Always read customers reviews, because they will give you the insight needed to see how these devices have worked for others.

 Avoid products that have low ratings, because they will most likely be a waste of your hard earned money.

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