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Home Audio, Smart Home Tech & Gadgets Guest Post Opportunities: Write for us Today!

Do you like to write? Or are you Smart Tech & gadget blogger, home audio, Headphone guru or anyone with a passion for audio?

Why Write for us at My Audio?

  •         Help others with related informational content
  •         Be an Expert
  •         Gain exposure – your guest post will be shared on our social media channels
  •         Promote and drive referrals to your website/Blog
  •         Potential for a regular contributor account

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I write about?

We are offering guest posting opportunities for writers who are familiar with a variety of different topics such as

Common topics we write about:

  • Home Audio
  • Home Studio
  • Gadgets for your Car
  • Instrument accessories
  • Electronic Gadgets for home
  • Advice on Home Recording


Should I pitch you my topic/ideas before submitting the original article?

Yes, please!. Send us an email at Dan@myaudiosound.co.uk  to Pitch Your Article  

Any tips to make my article a good fit for My Audio Sound?

  •         Write in blog post style with 20-50 word paragraphs
  •         The article must be grammatically correct, written in plain simple English, should be easy to read and to engage.

**Tip install Grammarly on your computer. https://app.grammarly.com **

  •         Ensure the article matches the style of the site and is useful to the reader, please ensure your post is correctly formatted with Headlines (H2), Subheadings(H3), bolds, italics & numbers etc.
  •         Include citations, hyperlinks, wherever appropriate & natural
  •         Think from the reader’s perspective and try to include the information that you, as a user would like to have when they click the link to read your article.
  •         Keep it simple, fun and Informative.
  •         At least try to connect with the reader through your articles.

How should I submit the Post?

Once you have pitched us your idea as mentioned above and we have agreed on publishing, we will let you know the best format to send us your article.

What is the minimum length of the article?

Minimum of 700 words, maximum……well there isn’t one (within reason of course)

Will I get paid for my article?

In short……No!

Should I include links in the article (contextual links)?

Yes, please include links which will be helpful for readers and support your stats, claims etc. in the article. No blatant “anchor text” and shoehorned keywords, just natural relevant links your reader would be interested in clicking on.

Should I include a Headline?

Yep, again that would be good; a really creative headline will give your article more interest and CTR. However, we cannot guarantee that we won’t change the headline. We do reserve the rights to modify if we feel necessary.

Will you edit my article content?

Yes, we reserve the rights to edit the articles where we feel to be in keeping with our website needs.

Can you upload an Author profile picture?

We will use your email address to grab your profile picture from Gravatar, so make sure your photo is uploaded there and that your email is correct.

When will my article get published?

It can take up to 10 working days to publish the article; you will get an email from us once your guest post is scheduled to be published.

What guidelines need to be followed?

As well as the detailed info above, please follow the guidelines below:

  •         Please submit manually written, high quality, original articles only
  •         We do not accept Plagiarized or Spun Content.
  •         Articles submitted should not have been published before on any site, including your website/blog. We will check for duplicate content/plagiarism  

Your guest post submission to My Audio Sound is also subject to our Content Submission Agreement.

Ready to submit your idea? What are you waiting for? Send to Dan@myaudiosound.co.uk