Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. He’s passionate about his work, bringing you the latest news and reviews. You can keep up to date on his expert guides by following Dan on Twitter and Facebook as well as reading them here and here.


I’ve been drawn to tech since I was young, and it probably began when I first got my hands on an Atari. Best Christmas of my life? You bet. From there, my fascination only grew and I became infatuated with how each device worked and how to put them together again - sorry mum and dad for all the gadgets I took apart.

As a teenager, I truly discovered music for the first time. Headphones and walkmans were all the rage, and that fascination returned - this time for sound and audio quality. I’ve spent my life watching the technical age advance at incredible speeds, and it’s only fuelled my love for tech.

I finished my computer science and engineering degree in 2006, and it gave me fantastic foundations to work with. I spent a few years buildings PCs, working as tech support, and I loved it but also found myself without the free time to pursue my own tech hobbies.

In 2015, I came across My Audio Sound. They were searching for a tech specialist to test and review various products on the market and I felt like it was the right task for me. Not only do I get the freedom I had been missing, I also get to share my favourite finds and top tech advice with you.