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Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Mixes Instantly

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Mixing music is a complex and time consuming job. It’s like solving a puzzle.Every song/instrument is different, as a mix engineer you need to keep it simple, do not overdo mixing, as it will spoil the cook (yes, I see mixing as cooking!).You need to let off all the perception filters in your brain, before […]

Best DAB Radio Under £100 – Not BAD

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

The digital radio, it serves as your escape into stories and music, and it can be the best way to end a stressful day. Whilst portable music players and music apps on our phones may have taken over, there is still a place for this piece of kit in your home. However, it can be […]

How to Soundproof a Room for Drumming (DIY Guide)

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Drumming is a great way to relieve stress and tension, but it is also a brilliant form of music, and one that needs to be practised just as much as any other instrument. However, family and neighbours can be left feeling frustrated by the seemingly endless sound your kit makes, and soundproofing your practice room might […]