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Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Mixes Instantly

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Mixing music is a complex and time consuming job. It’s like solving a puzzle.Every song/instrument is different, as a mix engineer you need to keep it simple, do not overdo mixing, as it will spoil the cook (yes, I see mixing as cooking!).You need to let off all the perception filters in your brain, before […]

Not BAD – Best DAB Radio Under £100

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

The digital radio, it serves as your escape into stories and music, and it can be the best way to end a stressful day. Whilst portable music players and music apps on our phones may have taken over, there is still a place for this piece of kit in your home. However, it can be […]

Budget DABs – Best DAB Radio Under £50

By Kaila Sharlene Bedural

Sitting back and kicking your feet up while you listen to the radio can make for a seriously relaxed afternoon or evening. It’s a time to listen to your favourite tunes, or radio presenters, without interruption.A DAB radio is the best one to buy, and many of them come with FM tuners, so you never […]