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Best DAB In Car Bluetooth Radio – UK Review Guide 2019

By Dan Anderson

It’s 8am, you’re in the car and on the way to work. Silence isn’t for everyone, and that’s why we have radios to keep us entertained and to provide a little background noise while we make our way to the gruelling 9-5. It’s the morning highlight, and gives you a little time alone. What if […]

Discover The Best DI Direct Input Box: Epic UK Guide

By Dan Anderson

Quick Summary As a musician, you should take the time to fully appreciate the equipment and instruments that you use. It is nearly impossible to produce excellent, professional sounding music, without embracing technology.Of course, there are numerous pieces of equipment that you should consider adding to your arsenal. Some of these tend to be more […]

Best Turntables Under £500 2020 – 5 UK Record Players Review

By Dan Anderson

In the past few years, vinyl records have become increasingly popular. The nostalgia is definitely a leading factor in this return to the forefront. In order to completely enjoy your favorite vinyl records, you’ll need to obtain a good turntable.Some will want to check out the best turntables for under £200, while others will be […]

Sony MDR EX50LP Review – Good Value For Money?

By Dan Anderson

There is truly no doubt that Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. The company is responsible for gems such as the PlayStation and array of audio headphones.Their products tend to be top quality and well worth their money. The Sony MDR EX50LP undoubtedly fit conveniently in this same category.Within this comprehensive review, […]

5 Savvy Tips in Installing Dash Cam in Your Car

By Dan Anderson

Dash cams come in handy and cover a number of purposes. They can help you keep records of your drive through the countryside or serve as witnesses when there are incidents of a car crash or even reporting a storm. Unlike other cameras, the dash cam is built to always take records of events the […]

A Comprehensive SoundMagic E10 Review

By Dan Anderson

When scouring the market’s array of headphones and earphones, the mass majority of consumers will immediately form the opinion that more expensive is better. Sometimes, this is certainly true, but consumers may be surprised by the performance of a more affordable pair of headphones.Those looking for the best price possible, but still sincerely care about […]

Top 5 Most Durable Headphones – 2019 Guide

By Dan Anderson

As anyone, who enjoys music knows, a pair of study headphones is absolutely crucial, especially, if you want to use these, while running or jogging.Of course, everyone is looking for something different and needs specific characteristics for their headphones. With this in mind, below we’ve presented you with the 5 best durable, some even claiming […]

Discover the Best Headphones under £50 – 2019 Guide

By Dan Anderson

There are innumerable different types of headphones on the market, which makes the purchase extraordinarily difficult.Although sound quality and comfort are major factors, it is also crucial to find something cheap and affordable. Of course, it can be a little difficult to discover a pair of good headphones for under £50.With this in mind, we’ve […]

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