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The Best Wireless Doorbell: Never Miss a Delivery Again

By Dan Anderson

The wireless doorbell is a genius invention, especially as it can be placed absolutely anywhere without an issue. Affordable and easy to install, they make a stress-free alternative to the classic wired doorbell. So, if you find yourself missing deliveries because you can never hear them knocking on your door, the wireless doorbell might just […]


Sony Extra Bass XB650BT Review – Wireless Over Ear Headphones

By Dan Anderson

Sony Extra Bass XB650BT Review Our Score: Pros: Comfortable Long battery lifeShort charge periodWirelessNoise cancellingCan be used for callsControls on headsetCan fold up Cons: Feel fragileNo case Not suitable for small heads Latest Offers Key Features: 30-hour battery life 4-hour charge timeBluetoothTrack controls and call pickup on headset AdjustableEasy to useNoise cancellingManufacturer: SonyReview Price: £79 […]


Roberts R-Line R100 Review – Multi-Room Stereo Speaker

By Dan Anderson

Roberts R-Line R100 Review Our Score: Pros: Spotify BluetoothInternetFM/DBM radioMulti-room speaker systemExcellent sound qualityRetro designPortableRechargeable battery or mains connectionControl via smartphone Cons: Constant internet connection promptsExpensive No touch screen options Latest Offers Key Features: Spotify BluetoothInternetFM/DBM radioMulti-room speaker systemExcellent sound qualityPortable Rechargeable battery or mains connectionControl via smartphoneCan be used as left or right speakerConnects […]


A Comprehensive SoundMagic E10 Review

By Dan Anderson

When scouring the market’s array of headphones and earphones, the mass majority of consumers will immediately form the opinion that more expensive is better. Sometimes, this is certainly true, but consumers may be surprised by the performance of a more affordable pair of headphones. Those looking for the best price possible, but still sincerely care […]


Sony MDR EX50LP Review – Good Value For Money?

By Dan Anderson

There is truly no doubt that Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. The company is responsible for gems such as the PlayStation and array of audio headphones. Their products tend to be top quality and well worth their money. The Sony MDR EX50LP undoubtedly fit conveniently in this same category. Within this […]


What Is The Best Midi Keyboard Controller: Top 10 Reviewed

By Dan Anderson

As a musician in today’s world, it is imperative to embrace technology and allow it to give you an edge over the competition. Technology is capable of enhancing your music, while allowing you to record it much easier. Of course, there are numerous technological improvements, which can give you an edge. One of these is […]


Find The Best Drum Mics & Kits For Recording: 2017 UK Guide

By Dan Anderson

Musicians throughout the country have embraced technology and have allowed it to enhance their talents to no end. Although there are numerous technological advancements, which are capable of adding a little personal flavor to a musician tunes, it is undeniable that the drum mic and kit is absolutely imperative. If you wish to record drums […]


Best Mic For Recording Acoustic Guitar: UK Review Guide 2017

By Dan Anderson

Throughout the years, musicians have used a wide variety of instruments to record their songs. Some incorporate a bundle of different instruments, while some have been able to find success by using just a guitar and vocals. If you fall into the latter category, you will truly understand how important it is to have the […]


Discover The Best DAW: Music Production Software – Epic Guide

By Dan Anderson

As a musician in the 21st century, you should understand how important it is to embrace technology and allow it to enhance your music. There are many musicians, who refuse to utilize technology, but this is a major mistake. The chart toppers undoubtedly use music making software to alter their songs, until they’re absolutely perfect […]


Best Studio Monitors: Top 10 Studio Speakers for 2017 UK Review

By Dan Anderson

As an aspiring musician, you need to grasp the importance of your studio equipment. Without the right equipment, your beautiful voice may not translate so beautifully. In order to ensure that everything is translated into your recording software with immaculate clarity, it is imperative to equip yourself with some of the best studio monitors. In […]


Discover The Best DI Direct Input Box: Epic UK Guide

By Dan Anderson

As a musician, you should take the time to fully appreciate the equipment and instruments that you use. It is nearly impossible to produce excellent, professional sounding music, without embracing technology. Of course, there are numerous pieces of equipment that you should consider adding to your arsenal. Some of these tend to be more important […]


Discover the Best USB Microphone: 2017 UK Guide

By Dan Anderson

Do you consider yourself to be an up and coming musician? If so, you should wholeheartedly understand the importance of putting together a sufficient and efficient home recording studio. Although there are numerous devices, which will be needed for your studio, you should definitely put a little extra into your microphone purchase.Your microphone is not […]


Best Vocal Microphone for Recording: 2017 Home Studio Guide

By Dan Anderson

Throughout the years, many musicians have been able to ignite their careers directly from their own homes. These individuals have been able to obtain their success, by recording their songs directly in their living rooms, basements or bedrooms. These people have been able to achieve their goals, because of their own home recording studios. Without […]


Best Audio Interface for Home Recording: UK Guide for 2017

By Dan Anderson

Throughout the years, audiophiles and music producers have been greeted with a handful of innovations. These advancements have given these individuals a much easier and more efficient way to produce their music and create something truly special. Of course, obtaining the best audio interface money can buy is highly recommended. Unfortunately, this task isn’t something […]


Home Studio Setup: Epic Guide to Building a Recording Studio

By Dan Anderson

Have you ever wanted to be able to create your own music? This is undoubtedly a dream, which many individuals have. Of course, it is one that many people will never be able to obtain. The good news is that technology has become more readily available and much more affordable in the past few years. […]


The Best Microphone for Gaming: 8 Affordable Models Reviewed

By Dan Anderson

Although some people might look at gaming and shake their heads, other people take the activity extremely serious. In fact, eSports is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Whether you strive to become a serious gamer or just seek out to demolish your friends online, you should make sure to equip yourself with the right […]


Best Waterproof MP3 Player: For Underwater And Swimming

By Dan Anderson

Do you enjoy swimming? There are various reasons to hit the water, including for fun, competition or for the health benefits. Some individuals feel free, when they’re out in the ocean, but the experience can be enhanced slightly. It is possible to take the experience one step further, by adding music to the arrangement. In […]


Best Turntables Under £300: 5 Top Models For The Vinyl Revival

By Dan Anderson

Are you currently looking for a great turntable, which will allow you to enjoy all of your favorite old records? If this is the case, you’ll definitely want to check out the best turntables under £200. Of course, some consumers are more than willing to spend a little extra, in order to get a turntable, […]

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